Sunday, 5 February 2017

This video was filmed in the Eurobet betting shop in Rosarno, Italy.

How things have changed. Those with good memories may remember a very different Rosarno in 2010.


African invaders rioted and attacked Italians (link). Then Italians attacked back. The Africans were mass-evacuated for their own safety. Rosarno was then proclaimed to be "the only white town in the world".
Rosarno in southern Italy had, by last night, been turned into what one politician termed the world's only entirely white town after a bloody ethnic cleansing that produced scenes reminiscent of the old American deep south. 
As bulldozers got to work to obliterate shacks belonging to the itinerant crop-pickers who had fled, the last of more than 1,000 such workers were being removed from the area for their own protection. 
After two days and nights of violence that began with the apparently motiveless shooting of two African workers, the number of injured stood at 53, comprising 18 police, 14 local people and 21 immigrants, eight of whom were in hospital. 
Some of the crop-pickers had been shot; others had been beaten with metal bars or wooden clubs as local people took indiscriminate vengeance after a riot of Thursday in which more than 100 Africans caused extensive damage in the town to protest at the shootings. 
... A junior minister in the previous, centre-left government, Luigi Manconi, commented ironically that Rosarno was now "the only wholly white town in the world. Not even South African apartheid obtained such a result." And he asked: "Who now will pick the oranges?"


  1. Who will now pick the oranges the foul traicist (traitor to his race) asks? Perhaps the people who were doing it for centuries, in their own country of Italy and who now, due to importation of cheap, and worthless, slave labour from Africa, are deprived unfairly of work in their own land. It does seem as if the penny has dropped with a thud and Caucasians and Christians and Europeans are starting to fight back.

  2. I must say after that activist judge blocked Trump's immigration order I have had a severe blow to my morale. It seems white dispossession is inevitable, we have everyone against us. Is even Trump going to get stumped?

    The law is very clear, the president can restrict immigration of any class of immigrant or alien he so wishes, yet washington state claims it will suffer irreparable harm. But it can't sue on behalf of immigrants and aliens. So bizarre...

    1. Don't despair, lying media has distorted what actually happened: the Federal Appeals Court Judge is asking for the Emergency Motion against the Seattle judge's Restraining Order to have written arguments prepared and presented for the Appeals Court Judge's consideration, with the opponents' brief (Washington and Oregon States) due today (Sunday) and the Dept of Justice's brief due Monday afternoon. There is already precedent in hand, not only through previous Administration's immigration procedures (including Obama's) but, also, the Boston Federal Court Judge only a few days ago decided in favour of the present Federal Government and presented a 21-page written judgement. I believe the Seattle judge intended on an oral statement of his judgement.

    2. Same thing with Brexit. Endless lawsuits to try and frustrate the will of the people. Bureaucracy versus democracy.

    3. Well this is the 9th District, the most liberal judges in the Appeals Court. Robart did it based on feelings, his feelings, why not the 9th? The concern is if the 9th upholds Robarts, Trump may have to go the SC, and Gorsuch will not be there, so it is 4 and 4, and a tie will mean the Appeals Ct. confirmation would be upheld. So if Trump loses at the 9th, he should slow walk it to the SC making sure Gorsuch is there to make it 5 to 4.

  3. Es previsible. Muchas promesas por las mafias y el coordinador central ( Soros ).

    Todo planificado para provocar problemas.

    Con respecto a Trump, y lo del caso del juez ( que tanta polémica ha suscitado ), hay que recordar que el presidente de EUA tiene una carta todavía sin jugar, es decir ; que puede apelar al estado de emergencia ; y, entonces ni juez ni nadie puede parar a La Ley.

    Ya veremos lo que pasa.

    Muy buena información Diversity. Muchas gracias.