Sunday, 12 February 2017

I reported at the time (link) on the fascist sympathies of the Italian cops, Luca Scata and Cristian Movio, who shot and killed the terrorist Amis Amri in December. I thought it was curious that the mainstream media didn't pick up on the story, perhaps because they didn't want anything positive to be associated with fascists.
Here we have the story resurfacing as the German government was reportedly considering them for receipt of public honours, honours they will now be denied because of their political convictions. Shameful. .
Two Italian police officers became heroes for many Germans by stopping and killing the man responsible for the Berlin attack Anis Amri. Even an award, the Federal Order of Merit Cross, was being discussed. But it's likely that nothing will come of that. 
The positive image of the two man is crumbling: excerpts from their Facebook profiles published by the Italian media reveal the suspicion that the policemen have neo-fascist sympathies. As the "Bild" magazine reports, racist comments and contributions in which they glorify Hitler and Mussolini were found on their profiles. 
Even a few days ago politicians from the Union grouping [right-leaning] such as CSU MP Hans Peter Uhl and CSU Interior expert Michael Frieser called for both police officers to be given a medal and praised their courage. They attracted support from Rainer Wendt from the German police trade union, who called in the Bild newspaper for the efforts of the Italian officers to be granted recognition in Germany too. 
When reviewing these suggestions, however, their Facebook Profiles were examined, reports "Bild", quoting sources in two federal ministries. 
Now they are rowing back: "The decision of the federal government not to give any award to these two police officers is absolutely correct due to their open neo-fascist attitude," emphasised Union Interior Expert Stephan Mayer (CSU) in "Bild".


  1. Thought crime is now mirrored by thought virtue.