Tuesday, 21 February 2017


  1. Funny stuff. I always felt that there is somethning true in the word feminazi. I suspect that feminism actually comes from racism and it is very hard to happen among non-white women, it is mostly a white women's thing. For example black women think that their biggest problem are whites, not their own men.

    My theory is that "white racism" (which is something normal and healthy) results in xenophobia against foreigners in white men (because studies show that they are more into large group relations and more anti-foreign), but in white women (because according to studies, they care less about large group relations and more about personal relations, the personal realm, therefore they are more solipsistic), racism results in extreme narcisism and self-worship (or, in other words, in feminism).

    Then jews distorted white women's feminism for their own purposes and brainwashed them into siding with non-whites and making a coalition of minorities against their own men, relying on the white female obsession (and envy) about white male power.

    The key is to find how to redirect that racism from solipsistic, self-obsessed racism (which results in useless narcissism and self-worship, and it is even dangerous, as jews use that narcissism in order to turn white women against their men) into anti-foreigner racism, which will be far more useful.