Saturday, 25 February 2017

From the New York Times, May 28, 1919. 

Two things are especially worthy of note in this article.

First it says "the fact that the leaders of Bolshevism belong to the Semitic race". Not "are believed to belong to", "are wrongly thought to belong to", "are alleged to belong to". Just "belong to".

Second, it is fascinating that the strongest early supporters of Zionism were the "violent anti-Semites". This contradicts Jewish propaganda in the present day, according to which critics of Israel are antisemites. On the contrary, many antisemites have traditionally seen Israel as the Final Solution to the Jewish problem. If the grievance-mongering diaspora would live like a normal people in its own land, many of the causes of our current discontent would disappear.

This is why Hitler at first supported the Zionists in Germany (see here and here), as Ken Livingstone correctly claimed, before facing persecution from Jews who would prefer that we "Never Remember" that part of history.



  2. This is just a small part of the truth. There also numerous articles in Times that keep telling about potential death of 6.000.000 jews way before the war broke out. Hence, that figure is a fiction and hence, the holohoax it the ONLY event in history that if you research it and voice your opinion, could lend in jail.

  3. a keen American observer who has just returned from Russia is afraid above all that if Kolchak or any other military opponent of the Bolsheviki triumphed there would be such a slaughter of Jews as we have not yet seen

    Solzhenitsyn writes on the same subject in Chapter 19, ‘In the 1930s’, of Two Hundred Years Together:

    And the foreign Jewish circles did not and could not sense any oppression of the Jews in the USSR. In the article The Jews and the Soviet Dictatorship, S Ivanovich wrote: ‘Abroad, many believe that there is no anti-Semitism in Russia, and on that basis they are favorably disposed toward the Soviet authorities. But in Russia they know that this is not true.’ However, Jews ‘pray for the long-life of the Soviet regime…and are strongly afraid of its demise,’ for ‘Stalin protects them from pogroms and hopefully would protect them in future.’ The author sympathizes with such an opinion, although he considers it flawed: ‘If the Bolshevik dictatorship falls, no doubt there will be wild anti-Semitic ravages and violence…The fall of the Soviet regime would be a catastrophe for the Jews, and any friend of the Jewish people should reject such a prospect with horror’; yet at the same time he remarks that ‘the Soviet dictatorship is already embarrassed by the Judeophilia and Jewish dominance attributed to it.’

    Click here and scroll down to the paragraph ending with ‘[84]’.

  4. There seems no example of jews expressing remorse for their ruthlessness, hatred, and attempted genocide of Russian Christian peoples, destruction of their churches in the thousands, slaughter of their clergy, desecration of their ikons, attempts to remove the faith of a thousand years from the lives of Russian peoples, the plundering of their country's riches, and the reduction of Russia to a vassal of jewish power and interests, and yet they bang on about the nemesis which may befall them once their power structure crumbles (not that they would recognise it as such). I doubt if anything has changed, mentally speaking, in the jewish mind-set regarding Russia/Soviet Union. Since they control the media and a large part of the financial world, they probably feel immune from it all; the lamentations and wailing about anti-semitism is simply their way of keeping down the cattle (goyim) from attempting to reassert their own rights, lands and cultures.