Thursday, 2 February 2017

As they do every year, the Jews have produced bogus statistics (link) designed to create the impression that pogroms are about to break out all over Britain. And the Lügenpresse have indulgently lapped it all up.
A record number of hate crimes against the Jewish community were reported last year, new figures show. The Community Security Trust, a charity which monitors anti-Semitism, said that there were 1,309 incidents across the UK during 2016. This was a 36% increase on the previous year and is more than the previous record of 1,182 set in 2014.

This is Fake News because the vast majority of the incidents described are not crimes. They are merely "incidents" reported to the CST, mainly via a telephone hotline or email.
Antisemitic incidents are reported to CST in a number of ways, most commonly by telephone, email, via the CST website, via CST’s social media platforms, by post or in person to CST staff and volunteers.
What verification is done on these reports? It's not clear if there is any verification at all of whether an incident took place. It's not even clear whether the identity of the person reporting the incident is verified. What is to stop random people phoning up or sending an email saying "Hello, my name is Shlomo Shilperstein, a bad goy just pushed me in the street and said 'Jews to the gas'". Nothing, it seems.

Only around one third of these incidents were even reported by CST to the police.
The number of antisemitic incidents reported to CST by the Police comprised 34 per cent of the overall incidents recorded by CST in 2016, compared to 32 per cent in 2015 and 30 per cent in 2014.
Following the report, the police would then have to investigate, establish that something had indeed happened, find the "perpetrators", prosecute them and obtain a conviction before a determination could be made that a crime had taken place. What percentage of these incidents resulted in criminal convictions? We aren't told.

What we are told is that only a small percentage of incidents involved any physical contact, none of it serious.
There were 107 violent antisemitic assaults reported to CST in 2016, an increase of 29 per cent from the 87 violent incidents recorded in 2015 and the highest number since 2010, when CST recorded 115 violent antisemitic assaults. None of the violent incidents recorded in 2016 were classified as Extreme Violence, which would mean incidents that involved grievous bodily harm (GBH) or a threat to life.
Here are some of the "violent" incidents that did occur.
• Manchester, October: A visibly Jewish man got into a dispute with a woman and a man who had dented his car in a car park. The man put his hands around the victim and made an antisemitic comment. 
• London, November: Three black males approached 2 Jewish males, shouted, “F*****g Jewish c**ts” and pushed them into a metal frame structure.
The vast majority of supposed "hate incidents" simply involved goy saying things that Jews did not want to hear. Here is a small selection of these incidents in which Jews were verbally pogrommed.
• Glasgow, May: A pub quiz was held at a University campus. One of the pub team names was “Scooby Jew and the Gas Chamber.” 
• London, June: A Jewish organisation’s Twitter account received a tweet saying, “History shows that most Jews are incapable of telling the truth about anything. Most of the propaganda Jews are peddling is easily disprovable lies. #BDS.” 
• Leeds, August: A Jewish care home received 3 calls from a male who said, “I am Hitler. I want to speak with a Jew?” There was another male in the background who said, “We are coming to burn you down.”
Perhaps we need an International Verbal Pogrom Day to commemorate these tragedies.

The report also, implicitly rather than explicitly, records a significant rise in fake hate crimes reported by Jews.
If an incident is reported to CST but shows no evidence of antisemitic motivation, language or targeting, then it will not be recorded as antisemitic and will not be included in CST’s annual antisemitic incident total. In 2016, CST received 791 reports of potential incidents that were rejected for this reason, and are not included in the total number of antisemitic incidents. These represent 38 per cent of the potential incidents reported to CST during 2016 and mostly involved criminal damage to, or theft from, Jewish property; criminal assaults on, or theft from, Jewish people; suspicious activity or potential information-gathering around Jewish locations; or anti-Israel activity which did not involve the use of antisemitic language or imagery and was directed at pro-Israel campaigners, rather than being directed at Jewish people, buildings or organisations chosen solely because they were Jewish. This is a 15 per cent increase from the 686 potential incidents that were reported to CST in 2015, but not included in the antisemitic incident statistics for that year.
In other words almost half of the reports of antisemitic incidents received were judged not to be antisemitic at all by this Jewish ethno-activist organisation. And this was a 15% rise from the previous year. Somehow this 15% rise in fake hate crime reports fails to make the news media, however. What was the motivation for (presumably) Jews reporting as hate crimes what were, in fact, nothing more than the ordinary adversities of life? We can only speculate.

The report also makes it clear that the rise in reported "incidents" is, in part, driven by the spread of information-sharing agreements with police forces, who now supply a private organisation with information about reported crimes. Increased provision of security guards at Jewish buildings, financed by the British taxpayer, also, in part, accounts for the rise in reporting, since many of the reports are made by these guards. Thus, the scam becomes self-perpetuating. Create bogus reports of "hate crimes", stir up a public fuss about it to carve out even more Jewish Privilege, get more money from the government as a result, use that money to hire more guards for your buildings who then report even more "hate" incidents. Repeat ad nauseam. The perfect scam.

The Chairman of the Community Security Trust is Gerald Ronson, a man criminally convicted of fraud. You would think news organisations would exercise a minimum level of caution when receiving reports from a man with such a background. But apparently they do not.


  1. What was the motivation for (presumably) Jews reporting as hate crimes what were, in fact, nothing more than the ordinary adversities of life?

    Lawrence Auster, the Jewish convert to Christianity, explains that Jews believe that ‘any social prejudice or exclusion directed against Jews leads potentially to Auschwitz’. He says:

    ‘any desire on the part of gentiles to maintain an all-gentile country club, or any statement by a Christian, no matter how mild and civilized, that shows any concern about any aspects of the cultural and political influence of secular Jews in American life, is an expression of anti-Jewish bigotry that could easily lead to mass extermination, and therefore it must be ruthlessly suppressed.’

    Gilad Atzmon quotes Ben Frommer, writing in 1935: ‘The fact is undeniable that the Jews collectively are unhealthy and neurotic.’ Ben isn’t wrong.