Monday, 6 February 2017

Martin Sellner is the leader of Generation Identity in Austria. A few days ago he was attacked by a group of Antifa and defended himself with a pepper spray pistol. The Austrian media then made it look like he was a crazy man firing around wildly with a gun. In their reporting, they often ignored entirely the Antifa attack that he was reacting to.

Here is an interview he gave to a patriotic website about the incident.
Today you're all over the headlines because yesterday there was an incident with the Antifa. Can you tell us briefly what happened?  
At about 10 pm yesterday, I was at the Schottentor station in Vienna, to meet an acquaintance. I spoke briefly with someone there when suddenly four to five masked figures let fly at me with kicks and punches. Apparently they had recognised me as an identitarian and wanted to beat me up.  
It all happened very quickly, but thanks to my pepper spray I was able to keep the attackers at a distance. The four ran away but when I wanted to leave the station at the exit masked antifas appeared again and tried to push me down the steps. They weren't able to do that, thank god, then they fled. I then waited at the station for the police to arrive and, for safety reasons, mingled with the crowd.  
Did the reactions surprise you? How did the reporting come about? 
I'm used to some of that, but it was a hard case of the "Lügenpresse". Just the headlines on their own created a completely false impression - "Identitarian fires a gun around". Instead of concentrating on what triggered the incident, the Antifa attack, it is described as if it was a kind of "rampage". In the defence of Vienna in 1683 they would have written: "Far-right Viennese shoot around wildly at the edge of the city". It was an Ö3 journalist who was present by chance that started it. In his Tweet he reported first about my self-defence, disregarding the previous attack. I'm not surprised that the alternative media is taking off so much.  
Lots of people are wondering why you actually had a pepper-spray gun?
Because, unfortunately, these attacks are an unpleasant everyday occurrence for patriotic activists. It's a daily scandal that the media deliberately ignore it. Glass is put in, building facades smeared and people declared free game in their professional and private lives. Death threats are regularly smeared on the front of my building and a few months ago my parents' car was even set on fire. Several people were seriously injured at our demonstration in Vienna. These street terrorists act with the moral cover of the political and media establishment and don't have to fear any consequences. As we see, anyone who defends themselves against these extremists is blamed for it. Some journalists said on Twitter I "should have stayed at home" and that I "provoked them". But since when it is a provocation when patriots gather in a public space in their own city? Until the Antifa terror is stopped we need self-protection.

In the media we hear nothing about these attacks. What are the police doing about it? 
Unfortunately far too little. But it's not their fault. Politically, there's no desire to drain the Antifa swamp. Shortly after the attack, lots of police officers arrived. They understood immediately what had happened and who the guilty parties were. I filed a complaint at the police station and the CCTV on the underground will hopefully help track down the perpetrators. It's above all the state here that must target the networks on the far-left scene. These people are openly attacking the constitutional state and are using violence as a political tool to intimidate anyone who doesn't share their opinion. That is terror and the media silence about it is a disgrace. 


  1. The media and ANTIFA are both owned by the governments who in turn are the puppets of the EU. It is useless to expect any help from them and a society in which the normal rules of law apply is not in their interest. They need both chaos, produced by ANTIFA criminals, and public lack of faith in the media, law and courts to help the people. That is the point at which the New World Order would emerge from the shadows to offer just that...NWO...Death and Enslavement.



  4. Letter of an active police :

    MUST READ - SWEDISH POLICE explains what is REALLY happening in Sweden. Is now under investigation by his own police force for speaking out.