Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Establishment media is going big with the Trump sex tape story today. But it looks like the whole thing was a troll dreamed up on 4chan, one of the Alt Right internet heartlands. This illustrates how the expressed concern about "Fake News" is pure political manipulation. When you publish a true story like the one in which a 1000-strong Muslim mob chanted Allahu Akbar, attacked police and set fire to a church in Dortmund at New Year (link) (every one of these factual claims is true), and cast it in an interpretive light the Establishment doesn't care for, they brand it "Fake News" and demand retraction and regulation, and even imprisonment of those who published it (link). When you push out some completely made up nonsense that suits their agenda, it spreads like wildfire across the Establishment mediasphere.

We living in a Soviet-like mass media environment. Only the internet gives us access to the truth.

Read this article for more on the Trump sex tape troll at ZeroHedge. (link)


  1. Sí, es una noticia falsa, efectivamente. Aunque aquí en España televisiones y radios dan por buena la noticia ( falsa ) y que ha sido desmentida por el propio Trump ( ha dicho que es una noticia falsa ). No importa, ellos siguen con su dinámica, aunque no es permitido para otras personas ( patriotas occidentales ) el informar de verdad, y cuando alguien lo efectúa : lo censuran, de una otra forma.

    Está claro que La Prensa, de forma general, es Propaganda sionista.

    Por cierto, aquí un artículo interesante, histórico :

  2. Wake up : Trump is an big fraud neocon .

    1. The number of Jews on Trump's campaign team and those who have surrounded him for years would lead any sensible person to have reservations, especially as to whether he will be encouraged by them, and the very powerful Jewish lobby in Washington, to engage in yet another disastrous war in the Middle East or North Africa or allow the EU and NATO to continue pummeling Ukraine into bankruptcy and egging on Russia. As to 'immigration' (invasion and dispossession of whites in US and all over the West), he will have to take a stand; if he fudges on it, we will know he is only a tool.

    2. First of all, why do you take part in this staged conflict which has been obviously fabricated by Jews? Do you really believe that there is a just cause for this war? You have fallen for an age old stratagem, namely "Divide et Impera". It does not matter on which side you fight in this silly shootout. As soon as you take part in this nonsense you have already lost. This war is not about Russia or this Novorossia bullshit. The only purpose of this war is to further the destruction of the European people. The power that is lurking behind the curtains a.k.a. your jewish Overlords, to whom you have sworn to sacrifice your life to, are only waiting for the right moment to move the US-Forces into Europe and establish martial law and after "they" have won this war they will establish the ultimate goal of the EU: The United Nations of Europe. This will of course only happen if this nonsensical war escalates and reaches other european countries which will hopefully not happen. Secondly, aren't you a supporter/follower of this perverted, anti-European Eurasist Alexander Dugin? Furthermore, do you share his ideas of an alleged "master race" of euro-mongoloid mongrels?