Tuesday, 24 January 2017


It looks like the Oscars are going to be a re-run of the Miss Helsinki contest.
But the most obvious sign of karmic evolution was that — in contrast with recent years when actors and filmmakers of color were barely represented or erased outright — this year’s list of nominations showcases an encouragingly inclusive spectrum of artists, genres and stories.

When you create a public culture based on the idea that some people have secret moral taints in their soul, everyone lives in fear of Accusation and Anathema. A psychological pressure - sometimes subtle and subconscious, sometimes overt and obvious - is applied to do things that will make you a smaller target when the accusations start to fly. So, last, year, the Oscars committee recruited lots of new members, about half of whom were brown-skinned.

Of course, the Establishment is now at pains to deny that this was a factor in producing this more diverse list of nominees.
It’s clear that, unlike recent years when the red carpet looked lily white, this year’s Oscars will resemble the outside world much more vibrantly. And, despite assumptions to the contrary, this development most likely isn’t a direct response to public awareness efforts such as the #OscarsSoWhite Twitter campaign or efforts by the academy’s president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, to recruit a more inclusive membership. (After last year’s outcry over lack of representation, the academy invited 683 new members to join the organization, 46 percent of whom were female and 41 percent of whom were people of color.) “Moonlight,” “Fences,” “Hidden Figures” and their co-nominees have all been in the pipeline for at least two years, probably more, suggesting that the pluralism on display isn’t a reactive flash in the pan but an indication of more-enduring — and encouraging — structural change.
Very plausible argumentation. Because the movie projects must have been rolling before the recent recruitment of "diverse people", this recruitment cannot have affected the voting decisions, even though these were only made recently. It doesn't even begin to make sense. But in DiversityLand, we employ Alternative Logic.

And Alternative History. We can assume that Hidden Figures will do well thanks to its outstanding propaganda value, ticking both the negro and female boxes. It also helps cover up the awkward fact that the American space program was led by Nazis. Not neo-Nazis. Not the Alt Right. Not people who think there's too much immigration. Actual, real Nazis who knew Adolf Hitler personally. But 100 years from now, people will think it was run by negresses.


  1. Speaking of movies the recent holocaust propaganda film Denial has bombed at the US box office -

  2. most hollywood films are bombing at the box office and if the jewish teachings about non-jews (not fully human) or the mandated sexual abuse of children from the talmud were more widely known, people would then realise where so much of present day moral degradation in films is derived from.

  3. Es evidente que la industria de Hollywood ( La Famosa Propaganda, de guerra ) no pasa por los mejores momentos. De ahí que alguien haya creido recurrir a todo tipo de asuntos y formatos para hacer ver otras lecturas y rescatar al público.

    Si tuviéramos que hacer una comparativa, dentro de éstos asuntos ( los relacionados con La Propaganda sionista ) con otros sucesos recientes ; sería que Hollywood ocupa el lugar de La Prensa de Soros y los espectadores son los votantes de Trump.

    Toda película jolivudiense que intente demostrar la verdad histórica ( y científica ) ya no tiene la misma repercusión mediática y mucho menos interés, porque Occidente ha descubierto que vive en una mentira constante. Cuando finalice toda ésta farsa política que deriva desde los años anteriores e incrementada posteriormente a la Segunda Guerra Mundial, entonces la gente volverá a comer palomitas en el cine sin que estén envenenadas con la política.

    Miss Helsinki, es una más, una mujer que le habrán ofrecido ¨ meter la cabeza ¨ en todo tipo de negocios y promociones ; y las habrá aprovechado, igual que otros actores de otras razas no blancas.

    Tan verdad, como que casi siempre los ¨ malos de las pelis ¨ son gente de raza blanca. Curioso.

    Saludos Diversity y, gente de buena fe ( o de sentido común ).