Thursday, 26 January 2017

Having told Americans that "there's a special place in hell for women who don't [vote for Hillary]," during the presidential campaign...
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright attempted to show solidarity with American Muslims (as fears rise over President Trump's executive actions on immigration), by tweeting this drivel...

Albright joins ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt who said in November he would register as Muslim if a registry was created.  "The day they create a registry for Muslims is the day that I register as a Muslim because of my Jewish faith, because of my commitment to our core American values, because I want this country to be as great as it always has been," Greenblatt told the AFP.

The numerous cases like this might cause some "CountrerJewhad" heads to explode.

It must be said many times that jews are not really liberal, they are simply jews and will do whatever is necessary to support jewish interests, whether being right wing or left wing, liberal or conservative, including to ally with primitive, retrograde forces, such as Islam, when needed, (in the West against european people) or to become what they claim to fight and despise - extreme nationalists, when in Israel (a jew in Israel is not allowed to marry a non-jew).

Now we see that "liberal jew" Madeleine Albright is the latest jew ready to side with muslims against white european people. We must understand that some jews might look like white europeans, but this is just a camouflage, and they have nothing in common with us, and even feel closer to muslims, than to europeans.

Seeing the compliments this fake westerner gets from muslims is surreal. The jews call foreigners in Israel "infiltrators". Maybe we should start calling jews in the West infiltrators too? Because this is what they are.


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  1. Bueno.., el artículo expresa lo que todo el mundo sabe gracias a los numerosos investigadores y científicos que no siguen los caminos de La Masonería.

    Firmo ahora mismo el artículo, es cierto, de una forma u otra, la comunidad judía ha sido arrastrada por las malas enseñanzas de ciertos grupos elitistas de La Masonería, pero hay también un cierto número de gente de raza y religión judía que está en contra de esas políticas supremacistas y exclusivas de La Masonería.

    En un formato humorístico, si cabe y es oportuno, se podría decir de la amiga Albright, que, la podríamos incluir en otras listas ( se habla de listas o cupos de algo ), pero no sabemos el precio final que se obtendría en ese mercado relacionado con el Islam y sus deseos carnales. Quizás entraría en el cupo -FREE- ( para decir gratis, tenga en cuenta que Free no es lo mismo en el idioma inglés según que asuntos, puede significar ; libre, en comparación a otros idiomas como el castellano o el alemán ). De todas formas, aquí, utilizar el término -FREE- sería correcto ; tanto para el lenguaje como el lote.

    Yo pienso, ahora en serio, que esa mujer está ya algo mayor para meterse en melés de juegos y deportes de contacto directo, me recuerda a otro amigo como es Soros. Deberían de estar más preocupados con lo que les espera cuando crucen la línea terrenal y descubran lo que allí tienen apuntado.

    Muy bien Diversity, puro sentido común occidental, claro.

  2. The whole "registering as a Muslim" thing will be very amusing right up to the point where there is a big jihad attack in America and Trump does a full Ferdinand and Isabel on them.

    1. That isn't going to happen. Smart Bug Muslims will keep things on the back burner in the USA. They can't stop the random and international cells, but I believe every effort will be made to simply ride out the storm for a captured Democrat President.

      Not unlike how Muslims have already captured the Liberal Party of Canada.

      Why do you think Ellison is vying for the DNC Chair? The DNC isn't going to back away from their deal with the Allah in any case. Muslims have a save place to embed their operatives.

    2. American White people are fed up and they will note vote Democrat after the next 2 years.

  3. "found out later"
    Why should I believe that? How does a family like that produce a Secretary of State without massive Democrat Jew connections?

  4. She certainly didn't give a damn about Muslims when she was Secretary of State. Remember her infamous "it was worth it" statement when asked by a reporter about the death of half a million Iraqi children due to sanctions -

    1. And she also had no hesitation in bombing Serbia on the holiest day in the Christian calendar: Easter. I doubt if she ascribes to any 'religion', only to self-interest and her cult's goal of being supreme in the world over all others.