Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Indirectly rejecting overtures by Austria’s right-wing party toward Israel, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has told Jewish officials that he strongly opposes contact between European parties with a history of anti-Semitism and his country’s officials. 
In a letter sent to Vienna’s Jewish Community and given to The Times of Israel by the president’s office Wednesday, Rivlin says he will “never condone” meetings between representatives of Israel and “European parties of the far right that are tainted with a history of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial … or the promotion of racial hatred or intolerance.” The president said he is “against any meetings by official representatives of Israel with representatives of such groups.” 
Dated December 20, the letter came in response to one sent in November by World Jewish Congress Vice President Ariel Muzicant and Vienna Jewish Community head Oskar Deutsch that the community also emailed to the Associated Press. The two complain that “certain politicians in Israel are willing to meet populist parties of the European extreme right,” including Austria’s Freedom Party, and ask Israeli leaders “to draw a very clear red line between us and those who represent hate, Neonazism and anti-Semitism.”

Again we see the pattern: Europeans try to organise politically against the immvasion of their countries; Jews take the side of the invaders. The fact that most of Europe's "far-right" parties, including the Freedom Party of Austria, are less extreme than Israel's own foreign minister, Lieberman (link), doesn't matter. Jews are allowed ethno-nationalism. Goy aren't.

So when European patriots are antisemitic, it's not because their minds are filled with an irrational, demonic hatred of Jews. It is because they accurately observe the way that Jews are promoting European ethnic dispossession and stymieing efforts to prevent it. Their antisemitism is a response to the actions of Jews, including Jewish officials who claim representative authority.

But no matter how many times the Jews spit in their faces, Europe's parties and patriotic movements continue to pathetically abase themselves, desperately seeking some sign of Jew approval.
Founded by former Nazi officials after the war, the Freedom Party has ditched anti-Jewish outbursts in the last two decades to concentrate on wooing a broader voter base. ... A party statement Wednesday said that in past visits to Israel, Strache had met officially with government ministers and Knesset members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. And it quoted Freedom Party legislator David Lasar, himself a member of the Vienna Jewish Community, as saying the party is “neither extreme right, nor racist and definitely not anti-Semitic.”
Like torture victims seeking some sign of compassion from their tormentors, the EDL will go on pitifully waving their little Israeli flags; patriotic parties like the AfD or Front National will go on purging anyone who dares to point out how the two sets of Orientals are working together against us; and European patriots will continue to log on to Counterjewhad sites looking for some semblance of understanding from Pamela Geller, Baron Fundraiser or any of Horowitz's or Rosenwald's other hirelings.

But why not just man up instead? Look at the truth unflinchingly. Do without the approval of your tormentors. Their hold over you is, first and foremost, psychological. It's a spell they have cast upon you, a spell that can be broken if you have the will to break it.

Meanwhile, , in a similar vein, a Jew writing in Forward warns against Jews being tempted by the Alt Right, calling for a grand coalition against Whitey (link).
Jews who support the “alt-right” ignore the universalistic lessons of Jewish history. We have a basic ethical responsibility, as Jews and as human beings, to be good allies to others who are facing oppression. After millennia of suffering at the hands of Diaspora anti-Semites, whether Crusaders, Tsarists, Fascists, Soviets, or Nasserists, we, more than anyone, should understand the suffering of our fellow human beings who are marginalized because of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or anything else. We should remember how devastated our communities were when we found that our non-Jewish neighbors, for the most part, were not willing to stand up for our rights. And then we should strive to be better. Out of respect for our ancestors who were oppressed, marginalized, expelled, and massacred all over the world, we must stand up to the same oppression when we see it today, against any community.

"Against any community", except the one that created the country you're living in, Jews.


  1. Algunos judíos creen hablar por todos los judíos y se olvidan que también hay judíos que están en contra de las acciones de La Masonería ( verdadero problema histórico de Occidente ).

    Ya es tarde, han creado una máquina de destrucción masiva contra los propios causantes de los problemas. Supongo que intentarán hacer lo mismo que con Patton y con Kennedy.

  2. They do everything against us then call themselves German, British etc. just because they were born there. They are a CANCER!