Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I admit it, I love pronouncing this soft word "Goy". I can't stop it. There is a little music contained in a single syllable that delights me each time I use it. And I use it prolifically. Whenever I'm given the slightest excuse. To make fun of my colleagues who were not born of the superior essence, that is to say Jewish.  
...I don't know any Jews who can resist its attraction. It's like a rallying flag for all the Moses of the earth. 
... Anything except goy is our rallying cry and it's clearly a cry of despair. The 'dirty Goy' is the other, the heavy, the slow, the Son of Man, the little traitor with the three-week beard nailed to his cross, the indigene, the basic Frenchman with roots and a name evocative of the land who smells like the cow of his ancestors, the shepherd with the mentality of the Auvergne, Burgundy, Britanny, Picardy, Savoy, the person making their confession on Sunday, the jingoistic Gaul, the peasant with roots that go back to Asterix...the collaborator who loves Maréchal    
... The Catholic sitting on his millenial heritage who still hasn't understood that the real God, the only, the unique, the flamboyant, the tortured, the choleric, the neurasthenic, the unpredictable, was ours, the original of them all, the most beautiful, the greatest of all the gods which all the others have copied without ever paying any royalties.
Source Via: BlancheEurope

The Jew's name is Laurent Sagalovitsch. He has a blog called You Will Never Hate Alone.


  1. Posiblemente cumpla con las expectativas de algunos perfiles, por lo de la nariz.

    Pero, quizás, sea una persona sionista, seguidora de las enseñanzas del Talmud, y sabemos que el sionismo es una forma de discriminación y racismo* ( según las Naciones Unidas allá por los años setenta ).


    Muy bien Diversity, éstos artículos son difíciles de encontrar.

  2. I thought the Israelites "Zuckerberged" the surrounding countries' religious myths?