Sunday, 29 January 2017

The "Prefect" turns up in your town (Avellino), like some imperial governor general, and tells you that you've been marked for asylum invasion. Your convent will have to be handed over to Africans. What can you do? Stage a white sheet protest, of course. Not the kind that involves people wearing the white sheets and burning crosses, unfortunately; just hanging white sheets out of the window in a pathetic gesture of helplessness.



  1. Do most white nationalists still hate traditional Roman Catholics?
    (Not the Anti-Pope Francis Jew infiltrated novus ordo church)

  2. Not as long as you're white. Trad Catholics are usually (((wise))) and share the same concerns. The only issue I see is that which is common to White Nationalists, which is that of putting the ideology over Christianity where it doesn't mesh - which for all Christians, using the term to mean all Trinitarians - is going to be an issue at some point or another, as the gospel is, in part, God's plan for the reconciliation of races (a side-effect of redeeming all of his elect, and all of his elect being equal in spiritual dignity - this doesn't mean that baptism makes people equal in intelligence, moral rectitude, this-worldly dignity, or any other virtue any more than it makes women men or dwarfs giants), though I don't see this reconciliation as possible this side of heaven or remotely possible in contemporary times (in heaven all will be as angels: on earth we still have demons and apes).

    In this fallen world real politics are needed to preserve white, Christian, European civilization against the Mohammedan, Negro, and leftist/Jewish/SJW hordes.

    1. To make it clear that God created man, Adam and Eve, one race, and that the curse of sin - which corrupted everything from our health to our desires to our reason to our lifespans to our very earth and universe - also caused a multiplication of unequal breeds of people. This condition will not persist in to eternity, when God will be 'all in all' and all of those saved will be repristinated to their Edenic purity.

      It's not something that can happen this side of the second coming, whereas White extinction is, so, in temporal, this-worldly political terms, there is very little divergence.

      Some White Nationalists are irreligious and don't like the idea, or a person or system of teaching, which believes that one day the other races can be restored to the Adamic stock from whence they mutated.

      On evolutionary axioms which view all men as no more than evolved apes, with some still being closer to the ape (as pointed out by Lincoln Rockwell in ch 3 of 'White Power'), this idea is ludicrous on the face of it, as it would be if this world is all there is.

      White Nationalism is not, and should not, be linked or restricted to atheism, agnosticism, or reconstructed Nordic paganism - but instead to any White who realizes the precarious situation his people are in and believes something needs to be done about it and/or will fight for this belief. Those who convert to Muhammad's religion or support the Zionist powers either have been so lost in the maze of media-enforced white guilt so as to have lost their identification with their people or are collaborators against them are obviously not qualified, though they are lost brothers which we should try to bring back in to the fold. But if they will not be brought back, they will not be brought back.

      White people will flee from collaboration and conversion once they see the truth of Ethnonationalism and are no longer force-fed white guilt by the Zionist media.