Monday, 30 January 2017

Despite what the voiceover says, the Golden Dawn rally wasn't just a protest against immigration. It also commemorated the deaths of three members of the Greek military in a clash with Turkey over the island of Imia in 1996.


Watching Shia LaJoeuf's stream today, I saw something interesting. In amidst all the leftists doing their zombie incantation, someone approached and held up this sign. It read: "Constantinople!! not Istanbul!! #Make Anatolia Great Again #Final Crusade" 

Constantinople was the Christian name of the city before it was conquered by the Mohammedans.


  1. España, manifestación patriótica en Madrid, en solidaridad por la injusta pena de cárcel contra las personas que defienden España ( caso Blanquerna ).

    También hubo concentraciones en otras partes de España, como Barcelona de forma simbólica en apoyo a los ciudadanos perseguidos por su patriotismo y defensa de España.

    Saludos Diversity, muy buena labor. )

  2. Pray for it. If there is one aspect in all this hell that Europe is going through which few address, it is the fact that we have allowed the faith which preserved and made European peoples great and confident of their own cultures has been put to one side in our arrogance that we can manage without it and the Lord's help. King Jan Sobiewski was in no doubt about it:

    "It is not only the City of Vienna which we must save, but the whole of Christianity, of which Vienna is the bulwark. This is a holy war."

    The Gates of Vienna, evening of 11 September, 1683.