Friday, 13 January 2017

It is a shocking poll: More than half of women believe that Germany has become more unsafe for them. In an Emnid pollf for "Bild am Sonntag", 58% said that today public places were less safe for them than before. 48% of woman already avoid specific areas in the place where they live, 16% carry pepper spray after darkness, even more think about doing so. 
Martina K.: Recently I've been becoming ever more upset and enraged that we women are left in the lurch as victims. I don't ride on my bicycle alone any more through the fruit farm to meet my husband and avoid public transport when it's dark. I've had concerns about working alone in the garden of our local museum in the summer. I actually thought that my age would gradually start to protect me. But if you make the effort and read through newspapers and police reports from across Germany, for the year 2016 you find at least 6 rapes of pensioners and three attempted rapes, one of these ended in death. The victims were between 60 and 90. In the years before you would hear of this only in isolated cases, one or two cases per year, these disgusting crimes. 
It's time that finally something was done for us women and protection of victims is given a higher priority than protection of criminals. I wish that we women could feel at home here again. At the moment it is unfortunately not my Germany and I am upset about that.   
Natalie B.: "Occasionally there are calls on the street, which I never experienced previously and find very unpleasant. ...When I come by train to our small railway station, my father is always there and comes with me through the isolated underpass. I don't feel confident going there alone any more! A few months ago I bought two pepper sprays from Amazon. Two, to be sure to always have one in both of my winter coats. That helps a bit because I would be purely physically overpowered by any attacker. Why all this? I'm very uneasy about the fact that the German state no longer knows who is living here." 
Anne K.: "During the day I feel relatively safe, even in central railways stations. In the dark, I have less of a feeling of safety. Since Cologne I avoid big squares, the mobile phone always with me, but I travel on my own anyway. There can't always be someone with you. I'm only 17 and can't use a car on my own yet so I often rely on the bicycle in the dark. When I do this I hide my (blonde) hair under a cap so I feel a bit safer.

There are more testimonies in this article. I might translate some more later.

Of course there is no acknowledgement that women, through their disproportionate support for immigration, are in any way responsible for this, much as Jews complain about "Antisemitism in Europe" from Muslim immigrants without acknowledging that they played a lead role advocating for immigration and diversity and marginalising anyone who challenged it.

This recent video from somewhere in France perhaps gives us a glimpse of the future of women's rights in an Asianised, Africanised Europe.

Here are some more of the testimonies (link). You can see that there is a cognitive dissonance as they confront the reality of heightened crime and harassment but cannot free themselves of their multicult mental conditioning.

Sabine: I am 23 and live in Berlin. There are now whole districts there that I don't visit any more at certain times of day. My boyfriend always collects me in his car, I carry a pepper spray with me myself, he carries a knife and in the car there is a blank pistol. In addition, I dress in a way that will not attract attention when I need to go home alone in the evenings. I don't feel safe any more and it's not just me, but all of my friends too. Politicans won't say a word about it. It has nothing to do with the refugees. I think it is a development like in the USA. There is an ever bigger underclass, districts where poor people live, whole Hartz IV [German long-term welfare benefits] blocks full of people with no prospects. That creates frustration and a tendency towards criminality.

Isabella D.: For me as a woman the situation has indeed changed in the last 2 years! No man can understand how you feel as a woman! I have a much greater fear of sexual harassment! Yes, there were migrants before. Even in the 80s as a blonde woman you could not really feel at ease. However it was mostly staring or whistling to catch your attention. Today limits have definitely been broken! 
The worst thing for me is the thought that the state is letting these people permanently run around!!! In case of harassment, my state will not back me up in any way. I've got several pepper sprays, one for every pocket in my coat. Hand in my pocket, finger on the trigger, I can only defend myself!! Unfortunately.


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  2. "Of course there is no acknowledgement that women, through their disproportionate support for immigration, are in any way responsible for this"

    Yes, it is crazy. Merkel gets 66 percent support from german women, vs 44 percent from german men.

  3. The ladies seem eager to Disport themselves merrily in the Meadow whilst the Wolves select their prey.