Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The deputy-mayor of Drancy and president of the UDI said this Tuesday that the closure of the car factory in 2013 was associated "in part" with "religious demands at work". Contacted by "Marianne" [news magazine], the PSA Group does not want to make "any commentary" on this point, while recalling the economic reasons for this closure. 
The UDI deputy mayor of Drancy, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, left a little bomb this Tuesday January 3 on France Info. Asked about communitarian trends associated with Islam - such as the fact that women are no longer welcome in the cafes in certain districts - the Seine-Saint-Denis elected official declares first of all that "religion has nothing to do with work". Before revealing what, according to him, is another example of the trend: "There were difficulties, including in my district, for example in Aulnay-sous-Bois. It was never stated but the PSA closure was also partly associated with the omnipresence of religion and the fact that there were religious demands at work, work stoppage, loss of productivity, and in PSA's choice to close Aulnay, that was also a factor." 
"On some RATP lines [public transport company] that exists also. So we need to reaffirm the Republic," added the man who is also the president of the UDI, referring to cases of radicalisation indicated in the Paris transport company, which is said to employ many persons "fichées S" [people with files maintained by French intelligence agencies as known jihadis].

PSA is the umbrella group that includes the brands Citroen and Peugeot. Seine-Saint-Denis is the most immigrant-dense part of France, formerly the burial place of French kings, now a Muslim colony.


  1. France is so screwed. Invited in a conquering army that has bred them out of existence.

  2. Alemania: Cada marcador rojo es un centro de refugiados. La industria de asilo está en auge ...

  3. Joven francesa sufre intento de violación, agresión y robo por parte de moros.

    Al percatarse la Seguridad del recinto, acuden y los moros huyen.

    Eso fue el 31 de diciembre del 2016, y La Prensa de Soros guarda silencio.


    1. Rectifico, antes del 31 de diciembre.