Saturday, 14 January 2017

Here we have the Counterjewhad on the attack against the movement for European survival.

Theodore Shoebat interviews (link) Martin Sellner, a leader of the German and Austrian identitarian movement. Shoebat runs the anti-Islam website so Sellner begins the interview assuming he is talking to an ally and that they are going to discuss the islamisation and Afro-Asian immvasion of Europe. But Shoebat is not an ally. He is an Arab whose "Palestinian"* father converted to Christianity and later pledged to "fight for the Jewish people"(link). It's noteworthy that Shoebat, in the title of his article, bills Sellner as "Europe's Alt Right Neo-Nazi" leader. This is, of course, hilarious and inaccurate in a number of respects but it is revealing that the Counterjewhad movement now feels it has to attack what it perceives to be the Alt Right.**

Shoebat had obviously prepared an ambush interview in which he would obsessively raise a number of bizarre points about oblique references he had found on the identitarian movement websites. He spends almost the entire hour-plus interview forcing Sellner to response to petty points about the sexual perversions of the Japanese novelist Mishima, Samurai and paganism.

At 54 minutes, he raises the Jewish Question, based on a quote from Guillaume Faye. "Do you subscribe to this idea that the Jews are behind the mass immigration?" Sellner backs down. "No, not at all. I think that's the wrong idea." Shoebat continues to press the point, citing the fact that Guillaume Faye once shared a stage with "former-KKK" member David Duke at an American Renaissance conference.

What this illustrates is the truth of a point I made myself many years before when understanding dawned on me: that the Counterjewhad movement can never be the vehicle for a movement for European survival. In its deprecation of European ethnic interests and ancestral identity, its practice of issuing "anathemas" to people to have "incorrect" thoughts, its elevation of anti-democratic universalism in the ideal of human rights, its fondness for Nazi memes and its obsessive philosemitism, it is simply not "fit for purpose" in that regard. It is part of the problem; not the solution.

Europeans are desperately flailing around for something that will allow their way of life to survive in the face of immigration-driven islamisation. Many of them, particularly English speakers, have latched on to the Counterjihad movement as expressive of at least some of their interests and concerns. But this movement, the Counterjewhad movement, as I call it, is overwhelmingly run, financed and orchestrated by Jews. Even the Gentiles who are part of it feel the need to conform to the Jewish agenda, on pain of exclusion and anathema. Fundamentally, this movement is hostile to European civilisation. European patriots who join it, invest in it, or allow their thinking to be shaped by it, are embracing their own destruction as a people.

* In his book "The Invention of the Jewish People", Israeli historian Shlomo Sand makes the point that the so-called Palestinians are largely ethnic Jews who converted to Islam following the Arab conquest (link). Shoebat's father, Walid, claimed to have been a PLO terrorist. Others have cast doubt on the claim.

**If this (link) web page is accurate, Shoebat is more of a fringe figure in the Counterjewhad than I thought at first. In fact, he seems as wacky as Muslims on many issues. He comes across as a bit like a Christian jihadi, if that makes any sense.

Theodore Shoebat

An amusing response below from "Daddy" Shoebat.

Here is video of the David Duke/Guillaime Faye encounter Shoebat refers to. I'm impressed that even back in 2006 Duke knew about the Jewish role in facilitating the Muslim invasion of Spain.



  1. Absolutely, it appears that there are a bunch of liberal europeans, who simply do not want liberalism to be displaced by Islam, so they are against Islam. But are against nothing else. For example they are not against other types of immigration (such as black or latino immigration).

    Dympnna from Gates of Vienna for example urges people not to be against black people, not to be racist, etc.

    For those people, the only problem with Islam is that it is highly illiberal ideology. But they do not have racial or ethnic issues with less illiberal groups (compared to Islam), such as blacks, asians or latinos.

    Its total sham. Clearly its not about european ethnic interests, its about a bunch of cowards who are afraid that their good life is going away due to Islam, but have no problem with California type diversity and gradual ethnic cleansing of white people by "less illiberal" groups.

    Counterjewhad is useless for fixing the major issue today where Europe, especially France and Italy, are swamped by sub-saharan africans, the majority of whom are not muslims.

    TFR of black africans is 4, of muslims - 3.1

    The biggest population explosion this century is expected to take place in mainly non-muslim sub-saharan Africa. Africa is projected to become 4 billion at the end of the century, while MENA - only one billion.

    What is the Counterjewhad going to do about the population Tsunami coming from Africa? Absolutely nothing. Because that will be "racist", so its too dangerous to talk about it.

    Lets only criticize Islam, cause its easy to criticize it (its just a primitive ideology, that could be renounced by anyone, as opposed to racial and ethnic genetic differences, that can not be renounced).

    Lets not go there where the real deal is (racial, ethnic, genetic differences/competition, and human biodiversity), because that will be too dangerous.

  2. A sophist? Complex Jargon? I like the way you write, it's reminiscent of the old school Europeans who were able to construct complex sentences knowing full well that their readers could follow from the beginning to the end and not get lost or distracted along the way.

    I assume by "complex jargon" he meant he can't understand many of the words you use and so therefore the words must be super arcane and esoteric. You're doing it to spite him and people like him, clearly.

  3. Counterjewhad, vlad, y otros unos, son o pertenecen a la voz para hacer crítica contra determinadas políticas pero no apoyan el Nacional Socialismo. Creo que ya lo comenté hace más de medio año.

    David Irving tiene escrito un artículo muy bueno al respecto.

    Hay todavía algo de caos o desconcierto en todo tipo de asuntos de la información, algunos movimientos dicen ser patriotas pero mantienen la idea del Holocausto ( La Famosa Propaganda ) y sus políticas desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Otros, que son cada vez más : son los patriotas occidentales que no son de izquierdas y tampoco de derechas pero que se posicionan contra La Masonería y contra todo aquello que ataque a Occidente ( incluido una herramienta de La Masonería como es el Sionismo ).

    El KKK fue un movimiento surgido en EUA para resistir hace siglos la mano militar de los norteños ( yankis, en castellano ). Dicho movimiento encontró su refugio en algunos masones americanos. Así es el KKK fue el último refugio para esas gentes, pero pertenece a La Masonería, ésto lo saben muchos historiadores.

    Yo por ejemplo, no descarto enlazar noticias con lugares ya mencionados de información liberal o que piensan que todo se solucionará con la salida de Merkel. Solo es necesario saber quien tiene de patrocionadores alternativos y otros para mantener su línea editorial liberal. Eso no significa que la gente patriota occidental siga esas políticas ; todo lo contrario, pero al no haber información fidedigna o la censura casi total, hay que analizar la opinión y lo que nos quieren vender como verdadero. Eso es muy importante.

    Alt Right, es un movimiento similar a Pegida, donde hay elementos sionistas camuflados, para luego ellos hacerse con el poder mediático.

    Después de todas estas diferencias comentadas, hay también dentro de los movimientos patriotas occidentales distintas opiniones que todavía no consiguen unir criterios. Como es el caso de Putin, donde muchos patriotas occidentales mantienen la idea de que es una alternativa, y como se sabe Putin es masón al igual que Trump. ¿ Estamos solos ? No. Pero cada vez más gente se quita la venda de los ojos para buscar una alternativa patriota dentro de las naciones occidentales.

    Todos esos blogs y webs de información alternativa nunca ubican un post contra el Sionismo, y además se centran en informaciones de los servicios de inteligencia israelís y sus delegaciones por todo el mundo.

    También hay otro grupo dentro de todas las Fuerzas de Seguridad y militar en todo Occidente, que saben de todo ésto, donde hay mucha disparidad de opiniones. Unos son los que siguen las consignas de sus jefes políticos y otros ya ven que esa no es la opción para mantener la seguridad de todos.

    David Duke, Irving, y otras más personas saben muy bien de lo que hablo, porque ellos conocieron las ideologías del Judaismo y del Sionismo.

    Aunque como digo, todo lo comentado es mi opinión.