Sunday, 1 January 2017

A group of 150 people has been encircled by the police. In appearance the men resembled "the clients from the previous year" and apparently didn't know exactly where they wanted to go, said a police spokesman. 
In addition, 300 people were taken out of a train at Deutzer station and are now being checked.

Nafris. You've got to watch out for them. Mobs of Nafris have to be surrounded by mobs of police. This is the way it has to be now in "bunt" [Colourful] Deutschland. "Bunt", incidentally, is a word used by multicultists in Germany much the way that the words "vibrant" or "diverse" are used in English.

UPDATE: The German police are now being accused of racism for using this term "Nafri" and of racial profiling because 98% of the 600 people they stopped were Nafris. (link)


  1. La invasión de Occidente, va a propiciar que muchos occidentales ( sobre todo mujeres y niños ) no salgan a determinadas horas y, además no vayan a los comercios y eventos.

    Lo que va a producir, también, que muchos negocios se cierren y caiga la economía. Todo gracias a Mamá Merkel.

  2. **1000 Kebab attack police and set ablaze scaffolding at church construction site in Dortmund on New Years Eve.**

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