Saturday, 31 December 2016


  1. I don't see genocide. No mass graves, no genocide. What I do see is..


    The words demographic eradication make such a strong, clear and undeniable grievance that it's almost impossible for us to fuck up our case.

    Given the power of those words the only conceivable way to make a hash of it would be to become completely hysterical and scream about genocide or about asteroids hitting the planet.

    But we wouldn't be real right wingers if we didn't choose to fight with our hands tied behind our backs, now would we? So genocide it is.

    P.S. This is not about you DMF. Practically the entire alt right has adopted this idiotic meme. To think how much further we'd be if we hadn't adopted it... it's really depressing.

    Come on people!! DEMOGRAPHIC ERADICATION. Your grievance new and improved! Now you too can express your political views without sounding like a hysterical retard!

    1. Genocide is the killing of a people. What I see in those images is the killing of a people. There are ways to kill peoples that don't involve mass graves.

    2. Demographic eradication is not catchy or memorable. Thus it lacks the defining quality of a "meme". You can quibble with the term white genocide but it is at least thought-provoking and it has proven its effectiveness in Darwinian fashion by having survived in a world of competing memes.

      In Europe, the meme "Great Replacement" has caught on throughout much of the continent, with essentially the same meaning as "White Genocide". I suggest you use that if you don't like "White Genocide".

      On pragmatic grounds, we have to go with what has been shown to be to some degree effective or memorable rather than attempt to invent ideal might-have beens.



    Drexel University Professor calls for ‘White Genocide’ on Christmas! George Ciccariello-Maher :

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