Saturday, 31 December 2016

Don't laugh. It's a thing.

Here's an extract from the "About Us" section on the website of The Jewish Alternative.
Let’s start with some of our general goals, on which we do agree. Jews in the West are overwhelmingly anti-white in their political attitudes, even if this is not their explicit intention. Generally, they support ‘diversity,’ mass immigration, and liberal racial policies like affirmative action that work against the interests of the founding majorities in their host countries: namely, whites. Because we are interested in the preservation of Western civilization, and understand that race and ethnicity cannot easily be divorced from culture, this troubles us – not only because we think the activities of these liberal Jews will lead to the gradual destruction and decline of a civilization that we value and cherish, but also because these same Jews often have unfortunate double standards regarding their own state, for whom they believe immigration should be controlled, and in which they would like to see the demographic majority strengthened. Our first goal is to make Jews living in the West more cognizant of this, as a stepping-stone to their being directly supportive of white interests in their host countries – whom they should respect as hosts, being the well-treated guests that they are.

What should our reaction to this be? We should welcome it first of all. Jews have now been brought to acknowledge that many of the things we have said about them are true. That is an important step forward, whatever else you make of this development.

Will the Euro-goy in the Counterjewhad movement, the Henrik Clausens, the Snaphanens etc., dare to talk about this phenomenon now that their Jewish masters have acknowledged it? Doubtful. But we shall see.

I'll have more to say about this "Jewish Alt Right" later. Feel free to share your thoughts.


  1. Watch them closely and be prepared to shut them down at a moment's notice.

    Don't be gullible, goys!

  2. Not worth the risk. When has trusting a Jew ever worked out? A parasite cannot suddenly decide to not be a parasite, it is what it is.

    If you really are a pro-White Jew, you will pack your bags and head to Israel with a Muslim under each arm.

  3. They say the right things, but imo this is too good to be true. These are just several guys out of millions of jews. That's basically nothing. Most of those are hardline zionists who understand that Israel will have a hard time surviving without the support of their brainwashed white zombies, no one else in this world cares about Israel, so they do not want their zombies to die. (For now). No one else cares about jews the way brainwashed whites do. Other groups can not be easily manipulated and brainwashed the way guilt ridden whites are.

    Its like they say: "Do not kill our white puppets/hosts, they serve us so well. Why destroy them, since it is better for us if we let them live, and use them, because we can not find any better and more easily brainwashed/manipulated hosts?"

    I noticed jews trying to infiltrate some alt right places.

    In my opinion, the ultimate agenda here is to secure jewish interests, in the case of the alt right coming to power one day.

    Jews usually bet on all horses, not only one, so that they could win anyway. These jews are in the alt rigt in order to insure that it will not harm jews or Israel.

    I would prefer a situation where the number of jews in the West goes to the minimum, because otherwise they are too dangerous for us. Let them go to their country and become normal people, like all other peoples around the world. When in Israel, surrounded by the arabs, they will be forced to become traditional nationalists like everybody else, and will have to renounce their liberalism and cultural marxism forever.

    1. Still, they have good arguments against anti-european jews, and people could learn from their arguments. They are good at dissecting other jewish made stuff. The comments over there are aslo interesting, especially the comments of the jews who do not agree with them, or do not see themselves as whites, etc.

  4. Although the presence and power of a predominantly Jewish-owned and Jewish agenda-driven media is acknowledged by whites who recognise the true nature of the problem, there is another aspect either ignored, or treated with contempt by so many whites, and that is the role of Christianity, in previous centuries, in alerting people and acting on their behalf, to the existential threats posed by both Judaism and its offspring, and enabler, Islam. In earlier centuries, there was a strong theological tradition amongst Christian clergy who knew classical Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and Latin and could translate and understand what Jews truly believed (in opposition to the latter's use of deceit and obfuscation) and Jews who converted genuinely to Christianity also proved useful sources of information. This info was passed on to the Christian peoples in general and Christianity itself was no apologetic 'other' faith amongst myriad. Nowadays, due to infiltration into Christian clergy, at the very top (present 'pope' in Rome) and various official statements from such as Rome and Protestant clergy, conversion of the Jews is actually forbidden and clergy themselves are very poorly trained in theology of their own faith, let alone no knowledge of Judaism or Islam.

    The internet has enabled people to teach themselves and this is what certain jewish internet sites are concerned about, not that people will criticise jewish self-interested conduct per se, but, rather, that on learning what judaism actually teaches, the wholesale rejection of it and hostility towards it and its adherents, and defensive action, will then take place. The jewish sites are meant to deflect attention from the ideology, same as moselm apologist sites. Challenge them on ideology and you will see their true worries and plans.