Wednesday, 7 December 2016

I watched most of Richard Spencer's speech at Texas A & M University last night (problems with the video feed prevented me watching all of it). This was the first time I had seen him speak, although I had read the Washington speech he gave that provoked so many headlines. I have never been as impressed by anyone speaking publicly in the cause of European survival. Anyone running for office, thinking of running for office or engaging in any kind of public advocacy for our cause needs to watch this guy speak and take him as a template to follow.

Nor was it even anything he said so much as the way that he said it. The pressure of Establishment opinion tends to cause anyone forced to engage with it to become either overly aggressive or defensive; but held to a reasonable middle ground. He managed to be unabashedly assertive of European ethnic interests without being aggressive towards non-Europeans; finding ways to partially agree with people (including ethnic aliens) aggressively challenging him without ceding any important ground to them; acknowledging harm done to non-Europeans in the past without getting lost in guilt about it; but also displaying a kind of general humanity ("let's talk, not fight") that was willing to embrace the perspective of another without losing sight of our own separate perspective; no "Heil Hitlering" but no shamefacedness either.

He handled unsympathetic questions from the audience well, without losing his cool. By the sound of their voices, it sounded like many of the (often logically incoherent) questions were coming from negroes and negresses. The Jewish question was never raised. It would have been interesting to see how he would have handled that.

Much of what we saw was simply the elements of an individual personality that can't easily be copied by others; but some of it can be, and should be, by anyone speaking in our cause. At some point this movement has to touch down in the real world if we're going to make a difference.


  1. "The Jewish question was never raised. It would have been interesting to see how he would have handled that."

    Here's something good from a press conference Spencer gave before the talk:

  2. Amerika has a transcript of the speech, and adds:

    ‘The world is racing to a collision point. The order of “diversity”—based on ethnic whites subsidizing everyone else—has failed, as has the guilt manipulation used by the Left to coerce us into supporting it lest we be called racist/Hitler. It has become widely observable that diversity, liberal democracy, Leftist economics and other liberal programs have failed and left our civilization in ruins, and people want an alternative.’