Sunday, 25 December 2016

An Islamic immigrant who hates us, furious and dangerous, but left to go free on our streets: "We will put a bomb here in Genoa. It will be a happy Christmas for you too. Your sons will pay for everything. It's not just Tunisians who know how to do those things." 
Panic today in a bus in the centre of Genoa, where a Senegalese repeatedly uttered phrases like this to the driver and various innocent passengers. Then, when the police intervened at the request of the driver, who had stopped the bus, he added: "Shit police, Merry Christmas to you too." 
The 38-year-old Muslim immigrant, besides verbally atacking the passengers, pressed his feet and head against the insides of the bus and flung them against the partitions. 
The police arrested him for resistance to public officials and referred him to the judicial authorities for interrupting a public service. Their investigations revealed that he had already been arrested several times by the authorities. He is an illegal immigrant with a record for aggravated robbery, but some magistrates left him free to wander the city, requiring him only to provide a signature. 
The incident was referred to the Antiterrorism agency, which has started further investigations into the Senegalese.


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