Thursday, 8 December 2016

First, Sky News aired a report about the Pizzagate-related shooting incident in Washington.

PizzagateShooting by zakalwe2

This was immediately followed by an interview with Sir Alan Moses, who heads an organisation responsible for press regulation in Britain. Picking up on the "Fake News" meme, he pushed for regulatory powers to be extended to cover the internet too.

SirMoses by zakalwe2

I can't find definitive confirmation of Sir Alan's ethno-religious background but his surname is certainly suggestive.


  1. And unfortunately the Pope also joined the corporate media Crusade against "fake news" (or in other words, against uncontrolled media).

    "Pope warns media over 'sin' of spreading fake news, smearing politicians"

    This is terrible.
    Its as if TPTB order "Jump", and the Pope asks "How High".

  2. He more or less implies fact checking like this you yutz:
    And he looks italian

    1. nope. Berlusconi look italian. al pacino and deniro look italian .

  3. Over at the Occidental Observer in 2015, Tobias Langdon included Moses in a list of Jewish lawyers:

    ‘But another factor is at work among the “senior lawyers, former law lords and retired judges” who want Britain flooded with Muslims. Is anyone surprised to learn that Lord Woolf, Lord Steyn, Alex Carlile, Sir Alan Moses and Sir Stephen Sedley are all Jewish?’