Tuesday, 20 December 2016

* We in the West must accept that the anger against us is often justified. With our bombs, our often misconceived wars, our vast economic power, which is sometimes misused, and with all of the damage our modern industry has inflicted on the environment and, historically, our imperial exploitation of poorer countries, we are, in many ways the authors of our own misfortunes. By attempting to understand this anger our actions have inspired, we can achieve greater moral maturity as a nation. For the perpetrator of this attack, a refugee who has no doubt been traumatised by the terrible things he has experienced, I feel pity. Pity at a young life thrown so tragically away, pity that his own despair made him vulnerable to those who wish to exploit him and distort the peaceful message of Islam for evil purposes. But as well as pity, I feel gratitude. I want to think this young man for granting us the opportunity to reflect on our own shortcomings and thereby achieve an enhanced affinity to other human beings, living in less fortunate circumstances to ourselves, and, of course, to the environment, the Mother Earth that nurtures us all and which we have so abused with our selfish consumerist lifestyles and with pollution.

We Germans bear a tragic burden of historical guilt which we will never be able to fully expiate. We must never forget how hatred once caused us to inflict such terrible harm on our fellow human beings. For that reason, I ask Germans not to give in to hatred again. We must not think ill of Islam, immigration or refugees as a result of this attack. On the contrary, we choose to embrace the Other even more forcefully than before. Rather than reject Islam, you should find out about it, study it, even adopt it yourself. Rather than keep out refugees or immigrants, we should welcome them even more. We must show the world that the haters will not win; that, in the end, the message of love will prevail. To Muslim Germans who will no doubt be wounded by the Islamophobia this tragic incident will trigger, on behalf of our nation, I wish to apologise to you in advance. You belong to Germany. You are part of who we are. In many ways you are more authentically German than the people of hate who wish to exclude you. I beg you to maintain your love for Germany as we vow to maintain our love for you.

* This post may be "Fake News". Please do not allow your voting decisions to be influence by it. In addition, please note that this website may have been hacked by Russia.

Although this was a parody, it's actually not too different from reality.  Here is Frauke Petry, leader of the anti-Islam AfD, retweeting a tweet from the chairman of the Socialist party.

It is revealing what the SPD [Socialists] are sharing about yesterday: even today they are sticking to political correctness. Sad.

The Socialist says:

What doesn't help now:
- Fear
- Hate
- Controversy
- Media-bashing
- Speculation 
What does help now:
- Patience
- Empathy
- Humanity


  1. Hour long interview with Dario Fernandez-Morera

    The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise
    Published on Dec 19, 2016

    The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain
    by Dario Fernandez-Morera

  2. The following examples of total detachment from reality are, most regrettably, not fake:

    I believe that for those with a sense of tolerance the arrival and proximity of different races and religions have provided a much better chance for each to appreciate the value of the others.—Queen Elizabeth II, 1982

    diversity is indeed a strength and not a threat.—Queen Elizabeth II, 2004

    Archbishop Justin told his audience that diversity was a ‘gift not a threat’ and he did not want to live in a ‘monocultural’ society.—Justin Welby The Archbishop of Canterbury, 2013

  3. Eso es un discurso redactado, previamente, por el club elitista y anti-occidental de La Masonería, a la cual ella pertenece, evidentemente.

    Más claro no se puede ver. Más claro : el agua.

    Por cierto, la Diversidad es milllones de años anterior a la época de religiones y politica. Un ser superior y extraordinario ( Dios ) lo designó así. Para entender ésto sería que Dios es racista porque creó las razas y les dió un lugar separado a todas ellas en la Tierra. Estas palabras no se las digas a un ateo que no podría comprenderlo y buscaría su refugio en las teorias ¨ darvinistas ¨ ( de Darwin, figura admirada por el famoso Marx ).

    Otra cosa, Mamá Merkel no puede hablar en nombre de todo Occidente, porque ella no representa a Occidente, pues la palabra Occidente proviene de Cristianismo ( Cristiandad ).

    Sí. Muy bien, Diversity ; estoy como en casa al visitar éste sitio tan ameno y confortable. Sin duda posee las raices patriotas y naturales de la cultura occidental.

    Muy interesantes artículos.

  4. WOW, Obama aparently put on a dress and will be running Germany now.

    1. Obama put on a dress years ago. He only took it off to run for president.

    2. Dumb comment

    3. Hahahehe, white man creation. Man to man and woman to woman the end of humanity.

    4. lol Obama, the man that extra judicially kills dozens of men women and children every Tuesday. even emperor G.W.Bush didn't secretly execute as many dissidents as emperor Obama

  5. Aufwachen! "Wrong angles" produces wrong views and silly reasons....on to tragic disasters... But as for me: I love Deutschland, with all my heart, and my soul, fur immer. Amen.

  6. Merkel should be run out of the Country for promoting the Hollow-Hoax!


    1. she should have to spend the rest of her life in prison

  7. I hope merkel dies soon. there is blood on her hands for this. I hope enough of the German people are smart enough to get rid of her and send the invaders back to syria.

  8. Well said. Every single one of us is different from the other. Stop pretending that we're all the same; except for certain "other" people. You are also a mirror image of the "other", no better or worse. Accept reality folks.

  9. All the atrocities Germany did to Namibia killing 10 millions Namibians, rapped their women and killed their men. How can anyone be proud of that? They go to Afrika as United Nation all over Afrika killing the children causing chaos making it look like they are there for peace. They got all the power but still scared. Karma is a Bitch!

  10. you know when they started this war of terror after 9/11 i got kicked out of school for leading walk outs warning people that it was a slippery slope that would lead to the end of all that was good about our society. history is proving me right.
    their attempt to turn the world into northern ireland has only one logical outcome and it dosnt involve freedom culture or civilisation.
    go talk to some 40 yr old Irish people about the experience you might be less enthusiastic about having it is you actually understand what your getting