Saturday, 10 December 2016

Over more than ten years he lured hundreds of adolescents either at school exits or via social networks such as Facebook. The protagonist of the affair is a South-American in his 40s, arrested by the carabinieri in an investigation in Reggio Emilia - explains a note spiega una nota dell'Arma - has "documented hundreds and hundreds of abuses that have been committed". 
Thirty of the young victims have so far been identified however. The man also "posted" secret recordings of sexual relations he had with the youths on some networks. The investigation coordinated by the Bologna prosecutor's office has been dubbed "Lost Innocence". The carabinieri have reconstructed how over ten years the man created a kind of feminine alter ego, publicising it among the adolescents as his own, particularly uninhibited, cousin. Dressed as a woman and wearing make-up, he threw banknotes at the minors leaving school (some only 13 years old), luring them to come up to his house and have sexual relations with the "woman of their dreams". The young victims were then convinced to recruit new friends, always in exchange for money.

The perpetrator "requested the status of political refugee because he said he was sexually discriminated against in his country of origin". It's not clear whether he is only doing this now or whether that is how he obtained residence in Italy in the first place.


  1. This is one of the main risks of sexual perversions such as homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexualism and especially 'transgenderism': they are all centred on sexual abuse of children who are targetted, via schools, enforced legislation (always in the name of 'equality' or 'diversity'), and all forms of media, print, audio and visual. This is another way a society, indeed an entire civilisation, can be debauched, degenerated and gradually genocided.

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  4. He intentado ubicar aquí mi comentario ya que en otro hilo no me permite google.

    Aquí en España están censurando webs con perfil políticamente correctos y de instituciones de ¡ La Policía !.

    Mi propia web ha sido eliminada por presiones de La Masonería. Por lo que al no incumplir ninguna normativa y asistiéndome el derecho de Libertad de Expresión en España ( Derecho Fundamental ) entiendo que estamos ya en fase de Guerra Civil Occidental declarada, y el 2017 será interesantísimo.

    Y nadie puede obligarme a decir o pensar diferente, porque eso sería un crimen en toda regla. Vamos ganando Diversity, se ponen nerviosos y eso es buena señal.

    Una web de la policía en España ha sido censurada y eliminada y no volverá a activarse :

    * Nota :

    Posiblemente en ocasiones alguien crea que tiene el poder y subestima a los ciudadanos en Occidente. No saben con quién se han metido. Lo desconocen.