Monday, 26 December 2016

Cristian Movio and Luca Scata, the hero Italian cops who took down the Muslim terrorist Amis Amri have fascist sympathies. Several photos showing clear patriotic leanings appeared on their Facebook pages but have now been taken down.

An illegal costs 2400 euros per month, twice as much as a police officer

grandeuomo = great man

The 25th of April is a public holiday known as Liberation day in Italy. It celebrates the end of fascist rule in Italy in the year 1945.

The image in Luca Scata's Facebook page says: "Don't celebrate 25th April. The defeat of a nation. The end of a truly independent country. The death of thousands of men and women. The beginning of a corrupt democracy. The vain sacrifice of all our soldiers."

The unforgettable class photo. Keep it so everyone will recognise one another years later.


  1. Bueno, en realidad el Fascismo no es algo ilícito en la mayor parte de países occidentales.

    El saludo romano es mucho más antiguo que el Fascismo, como se sabe. Y mucho mejor en Italia que es donde nace el Imperio Romano y el saludo romano.

    Yo creo que a éste hombre, patriota occidental, deberían de darle una medalla ó mención honorífica por haber logrado reducir al asesino terrorista anti-occidental.

    Que cunda el ejemplo.

  2. These men are indeed heroes.