Monday, 12 December 2016

David Berger is a German theologian and gay activist. He wrote a book called "The Holy Pretence: A gay theologian in the Catholic church". Later, he left the Catholic church altogether due to unhappiness about its attitude towards homosexuality. On his Facebook account he posted a link to a story about how an Anti-discrimination agency in the Netherlands said it was OK for Muslims to threaten to kill gays, but not for non-Muslims to do so (link). This was accompanied by his own personal comment:
Dear Greens, Dear professional homos, slowly we should rethink and reflect on whether the AfD [patriotic party in Germany] is really the biggest threat for gay men...
* The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is the anti-immigration, anti-Islam, patriotic party in Germany.

Source Via: Unzensuriert

Shortly after making the post, Berger was notified that this posting had been removed because it did not comply with Facebook's community standards and that his Facebook account had been suspended for 30 days. He decided to close it altogether.


  1. The way to deal with Facebook, and other Jewish owned and operated 'social' media, is to ignore them, get off them, close your account and take up the personal approach in spreading facts to people about a whole range of subjects which are verboten under Jewish rule ('lashan hora', evil speech to the hearer, thereby turning truth into a subjective, not objective, issue).

  2. Cuando se impone la teoría del absurdo una persona con pensamientos lógicos es denominada racista e intolerante.

    Que luchen, en esa avanzadilla de primera línea, los homosexuales en vez de nosotros. No hay que malgastar efectivos y munición intelectual. Estamos organizando la verdadera resistencia y reponiendo las fuerzas occidentales.

    Nos viene muy bien, hacer un poco de tiempo, mientras esos Lobys de poder se enfrentan entre ellos ; por algo que ya denunciaron numerosas personas occidentales hace mucho tiempo y luego fueron denominados : racistas e intolerantes.

    Meta en una caja de zapatos vacía a dos insectos elegidos previamente y luego espere como un espectador el resultado final ya sabido.