Saturday, 3 December 2016

In the case of the murdered student in Freiburg, a 17-year-old has been arrested as a suspect. He is charged with rape and murder, said state prosecutor Dieter Inhofer on Saturday in Freiburg. The suspect is a unaccompanied minor refugee, who arrived in 2015 from Afghanistan eingereist sei. He was housed with a family and has not responded to the charges. On Friday he was arrested at 12.30 in the Freiburg district of Littenweiler. 
...The young woman is said to have been raped and her body was found in the river Dreisam. She drowned, said the leader of the Criminal Investigation team David Müller. The woman was cycling back from a university party when she fell victim to the crime.

UPDATE: It seems this girl was a member of a refugee help organisation.

The text at the top reads "Members of Freigburg Refugee Assistance"

Maybe the last thought that went through her head as she drowned was: "Oh no, those racists were right!"


  1. Horseshit. By that logic the cuban refugees should be banned thanks to the crimes of Lenocio Rueda.