Tuesday, 6 December 2016


The anti-Islam, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party organises a vigil to protest against the rape and murder of a 19-year-old student by a 17-year-old Afghan asylum invader. Leftists, including the girl's own classmates, protest, not against the asylum invasion, but against its critics. They harass and ultimately attack the AfD demonstrators. There were about 30 demonstrators on the AfD side and about 200 counterdemonstrators. The latter clearly committed crimes of disorderly conduct, threatening behaviour and the wearing of masks, but the police took no action against them.

Here the AfD demonstrators are forced to take refuge in a police station for their own protection against crazed leftists.


And the German gubmint is worried, not about its own people being raped and murdered by "refugees", but about its own people stirring up "prejudice" against said "refugees".



  1. Insanity!

    Civil war is coming to Germany and Europe.

    1. I agree, and when will the people of Europe finally begin organising themselves into militias, training, learning to make ammunition, studying urban guerilla tactics and rousing the youth of Europe who will have no future unless they fight for it (60% youth unemployed in Italy, over 25% in Spain, etc. It is the youth, the unborn and the elderly who are being genocided at present whilst the middle class is being denuded of its funds and moral strength. There is already war in Europe but only one side is fighting it and until people realise that the 'left' (however it is defined) is the only side actually waging it, there will be no resistance and the false 'counter jihad' are very much in the opposite camp from Europeans.

  2. Opino igual y, totalmente de acuerdo con el usuario -Laguna Beach Fogey-.

    Aunque os quiero hacer una pregunta. ¿ Sabeís el motivo de que esas gentes del primer video están tan contentas, ahí reúnidas... ?

    Porque cobran 35 € por hora y llevar en la mano una bandera anti-fascista. Similar en Estados Unidos de América con los grupos subversivos de Soros.