Tuesday, 6 December 2016

So there I was yesterday, having spent most of the day steeped in grim, invasion-related news in multiple languages. Then, to end the day, I thought I'd give myself a break by engaging in a little light reading instead. I opened up a German PC magazine ("PC Welt" [PC World]) to be confronted by this.

The theme of the issue was "Data protection is more important than ever". The editor introduces it by going into an anti-Trump rant, claiming that Trump's election means everyone has to be more paranoid about data security.

When a notorious liar, who stirs up hatred against women, minorities, foreigners, gays and the press, is elected president of the USA, you must stop to think about it. 
This is from a PC Magazine, where the letters PC are supposed to stand for Personal Computer, not political correctness!


  1. 'Sebastian Hirsch': Hirsch is a Jewish name. Case explained.

    1. Stupid?Hirsch is a normal german word for deer.

      Also Trump is a long supporter of Israel.Even his father has spend money for Israel people.

      So you and the PC freak are both paranoid freaks.

  2. Efectivamente, totalmente de acuerdo con la opinión de Diversity en el artículo. Cierto.

    Es como si alguien entra en un portal de temática de tejidos o cocina y aparece alguien hablando de política ; adoctrinando al personal y la gente que visita la web.

    Ya no es lo que era PC magazine...( alguna subvención ha tenido lugar en la empresa.. )