Wednesday, 21 December 2016


As far as red-pilling of normies is concerned, the Berlin Christmas market attack is just about as good as it could be. First, an asylum seeker who came in on the Merkel wave is apprehended as the suspect. Second, it is concluded he is the wrong guy and the real perp is still at large, thus establishing an ongoing fear of further attacks from the same person as well as a sense that the authorities are incompetent and unable to guarantee safety. 

Then the next person sought is an "asylum seeker" who has already served 4 years in an Italian prison for burning down a school (!) but was nonetheless admitted to Germany where his asylum application was refused but he was not deported from the country. He was also noted as a potentially dangerous jihadi but the authorities were not able to track him. 

Finally, he may not actually be the guilty person. The authorities have intimated that he may have some connection to the attack but is not necessarily the guilty party, thus creating a further impression of uncertainty and generalised fear.

An impression of all-encompassing chaos is created. People will conclude that the situation is completely out of control and the German government doesn't know what it is doing. This entire clusterfuck presses almost every red-pill button, validating almost every claim European patriots have been making. It really could not have been better from our point of view.


  1. Yo creo que se debería de hacer una ¨ colecta ¨ ( donación de dinero por mucha gente ) para poner en esos carteles de : SE BUSCA - VIVO O MUERTO ( Wanted, Live or... ) a Mamá Merkel por crímenes de Lesa Majestad.

    Es necesario buscar la raíz del problema, como buen cirujano que estirpa las zonas con cáncer. Extirpando ese cáncer ( una pieza fundamental de esos tejidos infectados ) los ciudadanos occidentales y la gente normal podrá sobrevivir a ésta pesadilla impuesta.

    Bien, Diversity.