Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Even before the background of the attack in the Berlin Christmas market was known, the AfD state leader in North-Rhine Westphalia, Marcus Pretzell, had delivered his judgement: "These are Merkel's deaths", the partner of party leader Frauke Petry wrote on Twitter. A provocation that took place according to the typical attention-grabbing template of the right-wing populists and which provoked disgusts in many politicians. Only this time the deliberate crossing of boundaries by Pretzell may have consequences. Munich police also indicated on Twitter that they examine Pretzell's tweet to see with regard to criminal prosecution.

They are trying to imply that his statement "These are Merkel's deaths" was a call for Merkel to be murdered. A leftist reported the remark to the police on Twitter and they replied saying they would look into it.

It's a good illustration of the tyranny we live under where words are deliberately misconstrued in order to criminalise political dissent. Something similar happened recently in France where the (good) Jew Eric Zemmour, the most prominent critic of Islam and immigration in the commentariat, was investigated for "glorifying terrorism" when he made the following remarks in a magazine interview:
"the courage with which the 13 November terrorists fought in the streets of Paris knowing they had almost 3000 cops around can say a lot of things about them - that we're absolutely against reactionary ideas, that it was idiotic to do that, but not that these kids were cowards."

The Left are shameless. They will resort to any expedient to suppress political dissent.


  1. Podrían empezar por encarcelar a sus propios ministros en Alemania :