Sunday, 4 December 2016


It appears that Green Party Candidate Van der Bellen won the Austrian presidential election.

There is an ongoing problem of women voting for pro-immigration politicians who want to open the borders, which continues with the latest Austrian Election, where women overwhelmingly voted for a pro-immigration President. Worryingly, recent polls are also showing strong female support for Angela Merkel. According to my recent thesis, women are less xenophobic and less group oriented, compared to men.

For more of this, you can read here:
The problem with Feminism. Why Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization.

Data from election day survey:;art23660,1376820

männlich/weiblich  =   male/female 

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  1. It's common among mammals for males to be territorial. Female cats, for example, couldn't care less if you add another cat to the household. Try doing the same with a male cat and watch the fur fly!

    1. That's not necessarily true, I've seen female cats very territorial. But in the case of the Austrian election, the women are truly cucked.

    2. Usually male animals fight each other, while the female ones go with the winner. This is also the case among primates. In human history, there are countless cases of males forming groups and fighting each other, but there are almost no cases of females forming large groups and then attacking and destroyng other large female groups.

  2. Esas elecciones en Austria tienen precedentes de fraude electoral, donde se permitía votar a menores de edad y a inmigrantes ilegales.

    Es una operación orquestada para impedir a los patriotas austriacos gobernar legítimamente. Luego, aparecen algunas informaciones de dudosas encuestas de que el voto femenino opta por una determinada opción política de forma mayoritaria ; siendo una maniobra política para justificar el fraude electoral. Está claro.

    La supuesta derrota no tiene la transcendencia con lo ya mencionado, donde el asunto de la dimisión del presidente de Italia : es otro gol más, pero ésta vez, por toda la escuadra, a la Unión Europea ( Rebekkah ), en términos futbolísticos.

    Saludos Diversity, no te creas lo que La Masonería dice de las mujeres occidentales. )

    1. I would say that i'm interested in what my eyes are showing to me, as well as what science says about this issue. Whenever i see a far right demo, the men/women ratio is 6-7 to 1. You will see lots of women in pro-refugee orgs though.

      I do not know if this election had lots of fraud, like the last one, but this behavior (females voting more to the left) is happening in most elections nowdays, whether in Austria, Germany, the US, Canada, etc. women vote more to the left, compared to men. That was documented even after the implementation of suffrage before 100 years and the resulting more liberal voting patterns in the US.

      Then there are numerous studies, including cross-cultural, in different countries and cultures, indicating that women are less xenophobic than men, and they are backed up by real world behavior, such as voting patterns (women vote more to the left), various polls, far right participation of women (very low), refugee and left wing organisations support by women (lots of women there), women joining other cultures (such as 75 percent of converts to Islam being women), married women (those who are influenced by men) being more right wing than single women (those who are left to themselves and their own nature) and group behavior differences between men and women, such as the fact that women rarely form large and cohesive groups.

      There is evolutionary explanation for this. When tribes fought each other in the past, the procedure was usually "kill the men and take the women" or "enslave the men, and take their women (at least the best ones) and reproduce with those women".

      Aggressive behavior was ultimately good for men, from an evolutionary point of view (only for the winners, though), but it was not good for women, since a woman who resists the new conquerors is not going to reproduce and therefore secure the future of her genes, meanwhile the genes of the women who accept the new conquerors are going to be successful and go in to the future. Then women back then were often kidnapped (during raids for example, but even within their own group) so they eveloved to have the Stockholm syndrome, which mostly affects women, and leads to women falling in love with their kidnappers, which is simply an instinct that is there in order to keep them safe.

      The problem starts when those instincts and different behaviors start affecting political behavior nowdays. This was never the case in the past, since women never voted before, but after the universal suffrage, this started to affect political behavior.

      One of the ways to fix this is marriage - as married women tend to follow their husbands political views and become more right wing than single women. Marriage is at an all time low in the West nowdays, the majority of US adults for example are not married, so this is causing a women driven political tilt to the Left (and explains why we are more liberal than in the 1950s). Another way to fix this is the removal of the welfare state and its support for single mothers, which caused those women to basically become "married for the state".

      The third way to fix this is to increase the birth rate. White women nowdays have negative birth rate (below population replacement rate), yet they are designed to take care for someone. If they do not have kids, then they will care about animals, or they will care for the poor (often minorities), or they will care for...poor refugees.

      The way to fix this is to increase the birth rate, which will "put women in their place", which is to take care for their own children first, to invest their maternal and nurturing instinct in their own children, and not to care about "poor" foreign refugees instead. So having less childless women around will fix both the low birth rate issue and the women want to help refugees issue.