Monday, 21 November 2016

An interesting clip about Chinese views on foreigners and immigration.

"There are many reasons that a foreigner will never be Chinese, and it is not limited to only the citizenship restrictions. It boils down to cultural and racial identity.

In this episode we talk about why Winston and I have not received a Chinese Green Card, nor citizenship in China; despite having lived here for so long."

The comments under the video are also interesting:

"My experience is most of Asia is like this. Very nationalistic. I hung around there 35 years ago, and I don't think it will change. Good luck."

"Its not just a Chinese thing, Its an Asian thing. I spent many years in Thailand, my business partner has been there for 15 years, married, owns several businesses and has three kids born in Thailand. When he requested a Thai passport for the kids the Thai authorities just laughed. Of course such a thing in Europe would be completely unacceptable however in Asia this is not racism its just life."

"All of Asia. Japan, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines (real White-haters now), Burma, Cambodia, Taiwan .... It is ALL designed to keep you OUT ... or just to separate you from your cash as fast as possible and then get you OUT. There are no RECIPROCAL green cards for Americans, anywhere. You will see."

By Passer by


  1. And amongst the Asians, racial superiority/inferiority is rife which is why Japanese considered themselves to be superior to Chinese and had no problem massacring millions of them in Manchuria in the 1930s. And the Indians have a caste system which effectively treats the 'Untouchables' of the lower Indian castes as sub-human.

  2. A mi me encanta mi nacionalidad española e histórica, y no la cambio por nada ni por nadie, aunque tenga que huir al Polo Norte. Lo mismo ocurre con la mayoría de los occidentales es sus respectivas naciones occidentales e históricas, y en algunas partes de la Asia milenaria. Esa era la identidad que decía Hitler y otros estadistas de Occidente cuando vieron peligrar a sus naciones occidentales.

    Hay que respetar la Historia de las personas y su herencia, sin duda.

    Is not Trump - Mexico record ultra-deportations -

    Solo the 4,9 % of the named ¨ refugees ¨ are really refugees -

    Spain to burn record` of national papers inmigration 2009-2014 EU -