Thursday, 3 November 2016

Contemplating the strange turn of events in the American election, it strikes me there is a possibility no one is considering: that Anthony Weiner, the former congressman accused of sexting a 15-year-old girl, was engaging in espionage.

Why would the director of the FBI risk disruption to the natural course of a presidential election? Did he see something in the email metadata that alarmed him? What could that have been? In this context metadata probably means the number of emails, the email addresses to and fro and the IP addresses of sender and recipient; perhaps also the subject headings of the emails, but most likely not. That's not a lot. What could he see in that limited set of data that could trouble him so much? My guess: the IP addresses of some of the recipients, and specifically the countries those IP addresses were in. Let's say some of them were "unusual".

There have been reports that almost everyone in Clinton's entourage was subjected to systematic and coordinated hacking attempts, using "phishing" emails that asked them to reset their passwords. Apparently this is what got Podesta.
“Someone has your password,” reads the subject line of a message sent to Mr. Podesta’s personal Gmail account on the morning of March 19, 2016. 
... The Bitly link included in the phishing email was one of four used by a Russian hacking group known as “Fancy Bear” to specifically target Mr. Podesta, according to SecureWorks, an Atlanta-based security firm that has investigated the breach. 
When expanded, the Bitly link directed users to a bogus website purportedly run by Google containing a supposed password-reset form. 
SecureWorks told The Washington Times on Friday that the particular link sent to Mr. Podesta had been clicked twice, but couldn’t confirm if any credentials were entered once the phishing site was opened either time. 
Attempts to reach the Clinton campaign staffers implicated in the exchange were not immediately successful. 
According to SecureWorks, hackers working for the Russian government used this exact phishing technique against several members of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign between March and May 2016, as well as individuals associated with the Democratic National Committee and other U.S. political organizations believed to be targeted by Moscow. 
Fancy Bear hackers sent similar password reset links to 108 email addresses associated with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, as well as 26 personal Gmail accounts associated with either her camp, the DNC or others recently targeted, according to SecureWorks. 
The same hackers previously used the exact tactic to target current and former military, political and government leaders Ukraine and Georgia, as well as Russian dissidents and Syrian rebels, its researchers said.

Was Weiner's computer also hacked? If his computer and not just his email was successfully hacked by a foreign intelligence agency, the same computer on which he was engaging in paedophilic activities, that would obviously have lain him wide open to blackmail. Under duress, he could have been pressured into performing espionage or attempting to exert influence on his wife, Huma Abedin. This would fit with her claim to be surprised that her emails were on that computer at all.

And, of course, the Russia thing is constantly thrown out there. It's certainly plausible, but it could also be that another country is behind some or all of this espionage and Russia is being invoked to give it cover.

Regardless of whether the "Weiner was spying" theory is true or not, it would be a useful meme to establish in the public mind during the final days of the presidential campaign, strengthening the sense that Clinton is suspicious and untrustworthy and has poor judgement of people. If Weiner was accused of spying for Russia, it would also help counter the Clinton camp's claim that Trump is in Putin's pocket. Alt Righters should flood comment sections and radio shows with the "Weiner was spying for Russia" idea to get it out there. It could actually be worth a couple of points to Trump if it goes viral.


  1. The consensus now seems to be (based on a purported FBI agent posting on 4chan back in the Spring) that Hillary is a Chinese agent who gave them access to Special Access Program files on her server ( It's likely Weiner and Abedin were in on this too.

    It seems what got Huma was she had either deliberately or accidentally (or Weiner) changed the settings on her Outlook email client to synchronise all emails across all devices.

    The FBI have also acknowledged that her server had been hacked several times by 5 different foreign intel groups.

    In other news, have you seen the negress who has put a stop to Brexit through legislative tyranny? Unelected moral poseurs have decided what is good for the British people, goaded by an alien with no right to have been there in the first place.

    1. I'm going to make a post about it later or tomorrow.

  2. It may very well be that those hacked emails (650,000) were deliberately placed on Weiner's server in order to deflect attention from Clinton and her entourage spying for foreign powers. One of the reasons sexual perverts (homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals, paedophiles) were historically regarded by all governments as such bad security risks is that they were open to very easy blackmail, and still are, given the reality that the majority of peoples, whatever their religious, racial, ethnic backgrounds, find such conduct abhorrent and repulsive, and such persons usually are so selfish that issues such as patriotism or even common sense are foreign to them. This Weiner sexting scandal also includes Jeffrey Epstein, the already convicted paedophile who arranged flights and orgies for top-level people, including major politicians and royals (Prince Andrew was mentioned in one such case which was quickly silenced across the media a few years ago)

  3. There are so many US Congressmen and women, as well as British MPs who declare themselves members of groups loosely termed "Friends of Israel" that it may there is a real network of these people acting as spies for a foreign power, in opposition certainly to American public's interests (think of all those wars in the Middle East, spreading chaos, killing American military personnel ("Onward Christian Soldiers" may be the jews' favourite hymn) and acting as the catalyst for flooding Europe with millions of phony 'refugees'.