Saturday, 12 November 2016

Reading the Establishment press's reaction to the Trumpquake has been hugely amusing over the last few days. It reminded me of the last issue of Die Rote Fahne [The Red Flag], the communist newspaper in Germany co-founded by (((Rosa Luxemburg))). The final publication date was February 26/27, 1933. After that, the Nazis shut it down.

Like much of the recent Trump coverage, this last issue of Die Rote Fahne was hysterical in tone. It kept repeating the phrase "Das Hakenkreuz regiert in Deutschland" - The swastika reigns in Germany.

The flag says 'Long Live Communism'

The swastika reigns in Germany - never did the capitalists have so much freedom, never were the stock market jobbers as untouched as they are today.
The swastika reigns in Germany - and the buildings of the proletariat go up in flames, while the rich live unmolested in their palaces.
The swastika reigns in Germany - Papen and Hugenberg and the millionaires celebrate!
The swastika reigns in Germany - and the organisations of the working class are outlawed, the Karl-Liebknecht House is occupied and closed.

The swastika reigns - Inflation reigns! Emergency reigns! Hunger reigns! Wage reductions reign!


  1. Meanwhile, what was 'reigning' in Jewish Communist Soviet Union: imposition of death penalty for 'anti-semitism' (to protect the 85% Jewish leadership of the reigning Bolshevik Government and 67%% Jewish NKVD enforcers of the reigning Bolshevik Government), death, torture of Christian clergy (in a country, Russia, which had been Christian for almost 1,000 years), enslavement of peoples on all social levels, enforced starvation of millions ---est 8-12 millions in the Holodomor in the Ukraine --- a deliberately engineered strategy to eliminate opposition to Communism, and the destruction of freedoms of speech, religion and right to bear arms.