Tuesday, 29 November 2016


  1. Its quite funny how jew the driven "liberals" and "progressives" are exposing themselves by allying themselves with Islam and muslims.

    A normal liberal or progressive could never be an ally of Islam. Unless he is jewish, and feels closer to muslims (due to food regulations, circumcision) and wants to fragment white countries by all costs, including by importing muslims.

    I'm noticing lots of "left wingers" who are making a coalition with muslims against white people. Hillary Clinton mentioned racism and Islamophobia together.

    There are even feminists talking about muslim women, black women and white women being together, its quite funny.

    I'm convinced that the embrace of muslims into the big coalition of minorities in jew driven. It is simply not normal for a real liberal or leftist to become an ally of Islam, this is driven by jewish pseudo liberals, who are actually driven by jewish ethnonationalist considerations and not liberalism, who serves as a mask.

    1. Some time back, CZ had an article up in which Islamic scholars contended that at least 90% of Islamic Law is derived from Judaism. I concur with that premise because so much of Mosaic Law and the Talmudic Law have features which are common to both ideologies (not merely circumcision and food regulations): Stoning of Adulterers, Death for Apostates, Mandated Deceit, a view of The Other (non-Moslem/non-Jew) which regards The Other as Non-Human, inverted moral system in which Truth is subjective, not objective and freedom of speech is denied (and must NOT be spoken if, in doing so, it would harm the 'community' (Jews/Moslems), mandated hostility to non-adherents (dishonest dealings, blood money, jihad) and also mandated sexual abuse of infants and children (Mohamed's marriage and consummation when Aisha was 6 and 9 years old, respectively; and in Judaism, marriage with female infants/children aged 3 yrs and 1 day old, and sex with male children under 9 yrs). The hostility Moslems and Jews sometimes show towards one another has more to do with in-fighting, territorial disputes and jockeying for power, than with any substantial differences between the ideologies.

  2. When will some one publicly and loudly point out that Jews, who consistently and unhesitatingly state that "anti-semitism" is inbred in Christians, that it is a 'phobic' reaction which is part of Western identity and that all Caucasian Western Christians have this 'inate poison' in them, are the first to use the phobic label (constantly used by their Jewish owned and agenda-driven media) and that these terms themselves represent a psychopatholigical inability to deal with reality (the reality, in this case, being that Judaism as an ideology is actually representative of the very characteristics which Jews accuse others of: ethno-racist, deceitful, dishonest, a warped inverted moral system and mandated sexual abuse of female and male children). ???