Thursday, 24 November 2016


Illegal immigrants, mostly from Afghanistan, rioted in Bulgaria's Harmanli Refugee Center.
There have been rumors that mange and other diseases are spreading in the camp, so it's currently under quarantine. According to BTV news, the immigrants got angry after they were forbidden to leave the camp due to fears of spreading diseases. The camp was set on fire, the immigrants threw out their beds. The protesters damaged several buildings, including the camp's canteen, and set fire to tires, mattresses and broken furniture. Firefighters were deployed to the scene, along with additional police forces. The situation is now under control.

 Bulgaria has built a fence on its border with Turkey and has bolstered its border controls to prevent inflows of illegal migrants. Some 17,000 migrants were detained in the first ten months of the year, over a third less than a year ago.

 Last week Harmanli townspeople staged a protest calling for the camp's closure after local media claimed that migrants there carried communicable skin diseases. Home to 3,000 mostly Afghan migrants, the camp is the largest in Bulgaria.

Written by Passer by