Saturday, 5 November 2016

'They are only coming for economic reasons' 

'Around 70% of asylum seekers come from countries where there is war or oppression.'

Years ago I wrote (link) about an EU-supported "Rumour control" initiative in Spain. The Catalan government took it upon itself to counter rumours that had begun to circulate among the people. To do this, it employed a number of bizarre techniques reminiscent of East Germany including hiring "rumour control agents" who would go around pubs and mingle with people, challenging "rumours" that they happened to overhear. Another part of initiative involved inserting "anti-rumour" messages onto the bags that people bought loaves of bread in.

It so happened that all of the "rumours" the Catalan government judged it necessary to counter involved immigration and Islam. So, while you were munching your bread, you'd be reading some pro-immigration propaganda.

Now the German government has developed a similar programme (link). This one gets bonus points for not only being like East Germany but actually genuinely East German because it started in Dresden, the stronghold of the Pegida movement and other patriotic forces in the country. The government there obviously felt that the clearly expressed will of the people had to be countered in some way.

Here the propaganda comes in the form of beer mats intended to refute "incorrect" beliefs about immigrants. The front of the mat shows a statement of the incorrect belief with a red stamp saying "Prejudice". Examples includes: "Foreigners commit more crime than Germans", "Germany is accepting all the world". On the back comes a supposed refutation of the "prejudice". For example, the "prejudice" 'They are only coming for economic reasons' is countered by the claim: 'False: Around 70% of asylum seekers come from countries where there is war or oppression."

This is a truly sinister form of government indoctrination. Even if the "facts" were facts, which they're not, there would be a welter of other facts not mentioned, such as "What proportion of terrorist incidents involve Muslims?" on "What is the average income or IQ of a third-generation Turk compared to an indigenous German?". No government money will be used to highlight these facts, however.


  1. I think that the heaviest brainwashing in Europe is in Germany and Sweden.

  2. 'Around 70% of asylum seekers come from countries where there is war or oppression.'

    That's why they cross five safe countries to reach the welfare jackpot.