Saturday, 26 November 2016

According to the deranged Left, this advert contains coded Nazi symbolism celebrating Adolf Hitler, Christian Identity and the White Race. This claim is apparently based on the numberplates of the cars seen in the advert, which are presumed to have a mysterious significance. Or it could just be that it shows too many blonde-haired people of European race celebrating a Christian tradition.
A Volvo shown in the 84-second clip has the number plate MU SS 420. “SS” is forbidden on German number plates because it is synonymous with the Schutzstaffel, the Nazis’ paramilitary “protection squadron”. 
The number 420 is a common abbreviation – especially in far-right circles in the US – for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s birthday, 20 April. 
Another car in the ad has the number plate SO LL 3849. The 84 is recognised as an abbreviation for the eighth and fourth letters of the alphabet – H and D – signifying the greeting “Heil Deutschland”. The numbers 3 and 9, together as number 39, are said to symbolise Christian identity and stand, by implication, for antisemitism.


  1. Un video normal, no lo considero neo-nazi.

    Aunque como están las cosas hoy en día, cualquier cosa normal lo llaman NAZIII...
    y serán señalados con el dedo, por que dirán que comen niños en el desayuno....

    Saludos, )