Monday, 7 November 2016


The Facebook profile of the March of Independance ("Marsz Niepodległości") was blocked for hate speech. Richard Allan, Facebook's Director of Policy Europe, justified this by pointing to its use of the Falanga symbol, which shows an arm brandishing a sword and evokes Polish nationalist movements of the 1930s. This symbol is legal in Poland because it does not promote a totalitarian ideology.

Allan wrote a letter in which he claimed Facebook's criteria for blocking content were politically neutral. 

The Polish Justice Minister Patryk Jaki said on Wednesday that his ministry would study a possible response to Facebook's blocking of profiles associated with Polish nationalist movements, recalling that Poland is a "cradle of democracy and freedom". 

The March of Independence, organised by Polish nationalists every 11 November in Warsaw, will be held this year under the slogan "Poland Bastion of Europe" (against islamisation). Around 50,000 people are expected to participate.

Facebook has now backed down and restored the March of Independence profile.


  1. Varios países como Polonia y Hungría están demostrando el respeto por los valores democráticos verdaderos, sin duda.

    Una situación muy grave, alarmante, es claro que algunas empresas internacionales intenten apoderarse de la libertad de expresión, en Occidente.

    Saludos Diversity.

  2. You guys may be interested in reading the following linked articles:-

    It's written by Nick Griffin, formerly of the BNP so one needs to keep an open mind but it is interesting that so many of these false counter jihad groups, especially the American ones, are seemingly acting as fronts for policy makers, NGOs and lobbyists whose principal goal is fomenting further warfare in the Middle East which impacts, as it is intended to do, so destructively upon European nations and their peoples. I recognise many of the organisations and blogsites and personages, as I'm sure you will also.