Friday, 4 November 2016

Recently, the FBI reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her famous e-mails. And the reaction did not wait.


Yet this same trash does not complain why the Israeli Government is mostly jewish male, or why the Israeli Parliament is mostly jewish male, or why jewish males are 95 percent of the richest people in Israel, or why israeli jews are not allowed to marry non-jews, or why there are vigilante groups looking for jewish women dating arabs, or why immigration to Israel is mostly jewish. Israel is basically governed by jewish males.

                                                   The not-so-diverse Israeli Government

He wants more diversity for the US because that diversity will work for him, as he is a minority too. He wants more women, because he knows that women will be more liberal and less nationalist/xenophobic than the men, and therefore less of a threat, and he wants more minorities because he knows that minorities will then support other minorites, leading to growing diversity positive feedback loop. The end state is one where no one is the majority, the country is fragmented and atomised, and only non-xenophobic groups are in Government, therefore insuring that the jews are "safe" and no one could resist them.

Of course he does not believe in diversity per se. He is supporting it due to his own ethnic interests, which means that at his core, he is a jewish nationalist, masquerading as a liberal, asking for more diversity for others, but not for his own people.

"Diversity" is not a concern for others. "Diversity" is simply an ethnic warfare weapon masked in a verbal form, to be used (or not used) according to the circumstances. The usage of such words (diversity, equality, etc.) is part of verbal ethnic warfare. The aim is to manipulate others and hide your true selfish interests behind "morals", "progress", "liberalism", "noble aims" etc. He wants diversity for others in order to disrupt his ethnic competitors, yet he does not want diversity for Israel, as this will be bad for his own group. Therefore he does not really believe in diversity. The only thing he believes in is his own ethnic interests. Jews are "liberal" when in the minority, and nationalist when in the majority. It all depends on the circumstances. Those are not some ingrained beliefs, but simply adaptive behaviors that exist in order to serve narrow jewish ethnic interests, depending on the changing circumstances and environments the jews are in.

When you are the minority, it serves jewish interests to be a liberal and to ask for more diversity. When you are the majority, it serves jewish interests to be a nationalist and to ask for less diversity. There is no genuine morality or liberalism here. Only what's good for the jews.

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  1. University of Toronto professor Michael Marrus, the dean of Holocaust studies in Canada

    In Israel, for example, the right-wing Likud Party uses the Holocaust to support the idea that Jews will always be victimized, and must rely strictly on themselves. Others, however, claim the Holocaust teaches that any minority group can be victimized and that, as a result, all minorities must be afforded special protection by the larger group.

    The former lesson, he said, supports the notion that Israel should defend itself aggressively with force, while the latter lends itself to the idea of collective security.

    “People have misused the Holocaust by imputing to this human catastrophe directions in public affairs that happen to follow their own inclinations,” Marrus argues.

    What’s more, he says, the lessons that people draw from the Holocaust are often based on historical inaccuracies or misinterpretations. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for instance, last year suggested incorrectly that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler only decided to eradicate Europe’s Jews after Jerusalem’s grand mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, raised the idea.

  2. You will never hear Jews mentioning the Transfer Agreement between the National Socialist German Government and the Jews in the Palestine area, whereby Jews were able to leave Germany for Palestine and, with the German Government's financial backing, to establish a Jewish social and political system there.


    Ultimately, Jewish 'ethnic' concerns are rooted in talmudic teachings and the concept of Tikkun Olam which Jews translate as 'fixing' or 'repairing' the world. What is left out of this supposedly benign, liberal-sounding concept when speaking of it to 'goyim' is that this repairing is to make a world in which Jews will dominate in every aspect, social, political, legal, 'moral' (!) and all other peoples will be at their service. The jewish concept of messiah is a worldly one who will lead them to ultimate power. This is partly why Jesus and Christianity is such a threat to this power/world-centred messianic view of the jews.

  3. Whites are already minority in the US
    When you add 30 million illegal immigrants and their anchor babies, and all Middle Eastern people who are considered caucasion, but not Hispanic, along with all entities of mixed race(people like Rob Schneider
    , Miley Cyrus , Mark-Paul Gosselaar, liv tayler , Cameron diaz ,
    Freddie Prinze Jr. (puerto rican father), , sarah palin, mily cyrus ,Fergie, Edward Furlong, Wentworth Miller, chad murray, etc etc etc) who call themselves White, I strongly suspect that those of us European decent are 30%.
    I live in a Mexifornia southern suburb that is far from the city center, however, the percentage of people under 30 who are White is not more than 05%.