Friday, 28 October 2016

When they get "standard" clothes from Caritas or the asylum seeker reception system it makes them unhappy because they are not designer clothes. They want Armani or Boss clothes, or perhaps also Pirelli shoes. 
This was revealed by the president of the Sar.ha Cooperative. He has been hosting migrants at the Hotel Byron in Malcontenta (Venice region). In recent days a controversy broke out about the co-op's decision to put padlocks on the windows to prevent migrants escaping during the night. The immigrants protested in the street, also against the food which they considered to be not good. Apparently there was also something else behind it. The migrants are demanding brand-name clothes, from high-fashion designer labels. Not normal jeans: they want Armani or Boss. 
"Unfortunately they come to Italy with the asylum reception systems of northern Europe as a model," saod Lorenzo Chinellato, president of the Sar.ha cooperative Sar.ha, speaking to the Gazzettino, "when they arrived we gave them clothes, standard clothes. They want brand-name clothes, Armani and Boss, they asked for Pirellli shoes. These are their models. When they came to us, they didn't have clothes, but they all had smartphones".

Their protest is shown in the video. They also object to having to eat pasta and rice for one year in the asylum centre. One of the negroes actually complains that there are too many refugees.


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