Friday, 21 October 2016

The Podesta emails continue to throw up interesting stuff.

Here's one he got from Paul Begala, an American political strategist who worked for Isaac Herzog, an Israeli politician, in the elections of 2015 (link).

The expectation was that Netanyahu would be defeated, but he unexpectedly rallied at the end and won. Begala attributes this to his racism.
Just as patterns of immigration are moving the US left, patterns of immigration are moving Israel right. I have never seen anything like Bibi's furious surge to the right in the last 4 days. Nothing like it in America. He had robo-calls calling the President "Hussein Obama, the Muslim," he had ads saying the Arabs will vote in droves. He accused Herzog of wanting to divide Jerusalem. Bibi did not win because of Iran. He won because of race. He cannibalized the smaller parties on the right: Bennett's Jewish Home lost 4 seats, Shas lost 4 seats, Lieberman's party lost 5 seats, United Torah lost 1. That is a 14 seat decline on the right. Bibi gained 10. 
The guy to watch is Moshe Kahlon. Slightly more moderate than Bibi, formed his own party and took 10 seats. Might have done better but Bibi doctored an endorsement Kahlon gave him two years ago and made it look like it happened two days before the election. 
All the smart guys in Tel Aviv thought Bibi was having a nervous breakdown. In the US you could never get away with those kind of racist appeals. But, man, did it work.

This is exactly what Trump should do if it looks like Hillary is going to win. He will have nothing to lose. He should start talking about European Americans being turned into an ethnic minority and the calamitous long-term consquences this will have on future generations. He should big up his attacks on Muslims. In fact, he should try and turn the whole election into a referendum on Islam. There are many facets of Islam - such as the sanction it gives to the enslavement of non-Muslim women, the child "marriage" of Mohammed, etc. - that ordinary people are completely ignorant of and would be profoundly shocked by if they were to be suddenly brought to public awareness.

If Trump abandons all restraint and makes an unabashed appeal to ethnic survival instincts, he can still win. And even if he loses, he will have done some good by spreading awareness and stirring up ethnic consciousness.


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