Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Socialist mayor Sigrid Meierhofer has written to the government of Upper Bavaria demanding help dealing with local asylum seekers, many of whom are African negroes.

In recent weeks many establishments have imposed bans "especially the Michael-Ende spa" - in numbers never previously seen. "The extent also exceeds what has been previously experienced or could be imagined. 'This cannot be ignored or tolerated.'"

The deputy inspection manager confirms that in September there were repeated "brawls, fights and incidents of property damage" in Abrams. And he makes clear: "The blacks are in charge". They occupy the best WI-FI spots and decide who sleeps in what room.

Police have been called more frequently in the last twelve months. "In September we have one quarter of our annual deployments," says Holzer. "The current situation is a problem for us," he admits openly, "and gives cause for a certain concern." Perpetrators who have been singled out massively and several times are sent immediately to other institutions.
The vague feel of insecurity is nonetheless circulating throughout Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Meierhofer explains in her letter that the complaints of citizens who are not right-wing or extreme are piling up. "They are expressing their worries and sense of alarm," she writes. And she points out to the vice-president of the government Els the advice that has been given to female trainees and employees working in hostelry and gastronomy: They should avoid central areas after the onset of darkness.


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