Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Attacked in March 2014 in front of my wife and my sons - 7 months and 3 years at the time - by three armed men with long criminal records (wheel brace, tyre iron) objecting to my political engagement, I was today sentenced on the same basis as them for having defended myself. 
I am being blamed for using a tear gas canister belonging to my wife to keep the attackers at bay while the police themselves were forced to use theirs to protect me later. How could I do otherwise? Let myself be lynched while my family looked on? In this incident I was the only one injured (an injury to the hand from a sharp tool) and to have a statutory period off work confirmed by a medical jurist. 
Today, only one of my attackers was present in court. He had no choice because he is already in prison for another case! His record shows 12 convictions (thefts, violence). The two others, also with long criminal records, were not present. One of them has an electronic bracelet and just came out of prison. 
I admit being stunned by this bizarre judgement which echoes the injustice experienced by so many victims. Of course I will appeal this decision!

Philippe Vardon was a prominent patriotic activist involved in the Bloc Identitaire movement. He now serves as a regional councillor for the Front National.

UPDATE: This news story in the newspaper Nice Matin (link) describes the attackers as "trois jeunes maghrébins" "three young North Africans". This, of course, means they were MuslimsSkittles (see link).

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  1. Where does it say that the attackers were Muslims?

    1. Lol they'll be Muzz or nigs

    2. North Africans are generally Moslems, due to Moslem conquest in that region centuries ago.

  2. Unesco: dos tercios de los policías de Afganistán son analfabetos:

    Serbia desplegará el ejército en las fronteras para defenderlas de los inmigrantes, 03-oct.

    El magnate judío Adelson.. : ¨ Mi objetivo es fomentar hasta un 76 % la poligamia ¨.

    Los cables de Soros, revelan de invadir literalmente las ciudades europeas con inmigrantes somalís. 7 ciudades europeas.

    Pero Soros habla :

    ¨ Yo busco masiva inmigración desde el Medio Este hasta Alemania ¨. ( Para que la invasión total se produzca desde el Norte y desde el Sur ).

    Ciudad pequeña de Alemania, 912 delitos criminales cometidos por pseudo-refugiados en tan sólo 8 meses. Es una ciudad pequeña, repetimos. Pero la gente va y viene, mira para otro lado, la cosa no va con ellos, mañana será otro día y saldrá el sol..

    Magnates rusos pusieron de presidente a Putin. Hoy salvador occidental de algunos partidos patriotas españoles. Pero lo comprendemos, aunque no lo entendemos.

    Imán de Colonia (Ceuta), Sami Abu-Yusuf: "Las mujeres van provocando que las violen" ( Cadena Ser, España ).

    Los pobres moros ( muslims ) que abandonan la lástima al pisar Occidente, sin condena de los partidos de izquierdas en Europa :