Monday, 10 October 2016

A tiramisu set off the protest of the migrants in the canteen on via Camoletti. Yesterday some refugees organized a blockage of the entries with the intention of demanding that different food be supplied. The reason? At dinner, tiramusùs were distributed with biscuits containing liqueur which the refugees of the Muslim religion rejected. 
"It was just a misdelivery - explains the coordinator of the Lisanza Piero Ramella cooperative - . When the portions of tiramisù were withdrawn, fruit was distributed." The forces of order arrived on site (local police, police, carabinieri) and around 8 pm the protest re-entered.


  1. Hospitality is sacred, even amongst the Moslems and these lot of Invaders (not 'refugees') know that. One does not refuse the food offered by the host. They were trying to impose Sharia Law and the correct response of officialdom (representing the Italian people who were paying with their taxes for this food) should have been, eat it or don't, but we will make no changes nor offer any substitutes.

  2. A ver, la gente que domina el idioma inglés, ¿ qué significa ésto ?...

    WIKILEAKS dump shows Hillary Clinton calling Muslims “sandniggers” :

  3. "Hi Cheradenine, you seem to have posted this by mistake in the ios feed?"


    1. Always a pleasure, love your work and blog. Thanks for all you do!

  4. should be bloody grateful can't be that hung2

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