Thursday, 20 October 2016

In Rosarno in Italy a splendid edifice has been constructed, with EU money, to house "migrants". But there are homeless Italian families in the town who get no help from the government. As a gesture of protest, they decided to occupy the building themselves. The video is in Italian. But the images tell their own story. "They all help the immigrants, no one thinks about us. They have more respect for dogs than for us Christians. The mayor has never come."

Meanwhile, in Verona, fictional home of Romeo and Juliet, tourists have been turfed out of the 4-star Cristallo di Castel d’Azzano hotel to make way for asylum seekers. The local government simply confiscated the hotel, invoking an 1865 law that gives them the power to requisition private property in cases of "grave and urgent public necessity". 

Boatloads of invaders continue to turn up on Italian shores, often shepherded in by the Italian and other navies. The asylum invaders are then allocated to different regions by the authorities. Many municipalities are refusing to accept them. Now the Italian Interior Ministry is blaming their patriotic resistance for making these confiscations necessary. 


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