Wednesday, 12 October 2016

These two graphics show what the result of the American presidential race would be if only men or women voted. When men vote, Trump wins in a landslide. When women vote, Hillary wins in a landslide.


For more on this theme, see Passer-by's article The problem with Feminism: Why Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization.


  1. I suspect that one of the reasons western society was more right-wing in the past is because most people were married back then and there were few single mothers on welfare.

    To get women to behave more right-wing, several things could be done. Married women vote to the right, unmarried women - to the left. Therefore a society with a high marriage rate (such as Israel, Poland, Turkey or Japan) will be more nationalist/right wing.

    Also the welfare state will have to be removed, as it empowers single mothers, who then vote for the Left and Gov assistance.

    Most importantly, people like Soros and most other jews will have to be sent to Israel, for this to work, as they are major supporters and facilitators of feminism and turning women against men in the West.

    1. By "right wing" I hope you mean Classically Liberal.