Saturday, 8 October 2016

Anti-Semitism continues to be a problem in Europe with every fifth Jew having experienced verbal or physical violence. On 27 September MEPs and representatives from Jewish communities gathered in the European Parliament to debate anti-Semitism and the future of Jews in Europe. 
"Jewish friends and neighbours, we stand with you against those who spread hatred," said Parliament President Martin Schulz. "Europe is not Europe without its Jews. Europe is your home!”
Here we see typical Jewish dishonesty equating the mere expression of an opinion with physical assault. Everywhere they go, these people seek to suppress the goy's freedom of expression.
Opening the session Parliament Vice-President Antonio Tajani, an Italian member of the EPP group, said he was concerned about the decline in the number of Jews in Europe: from two million in 1991 to 1.4 million in 2010. He also said he regretted the attacks they are subject to: “Jewish people should be able to live in peace in Europe, respected like anyone else. They should be able to display their faith, their identity, without being attacked."
These Jews are being measured as members of an ethnic group. If you counted the number of ethnic Europeans living in Europe over the same period, you would probably see a similar decline. But this is never mentioned, because Europeans are not allowed to identify themselves as an ethnic group, not allowed under the rules established by the Jews. Even if we took Jewishness as a religion, measurements of the numbers of Christians living in Europe would probably show comparable decline over the same period. But this is not mentioned.

There are many reasons Jews leave countries other than persecution or fear. Israel has a department of state whose sole function is to persuade Jews living abroad to go and live there. For millennia, Jews have obsessed about "returning" to their "native land", or making their Aliyah as they call it.
Most of the participants were worried about the future of the Jewish communities in Europe. “Jews are confronted with insults, discrimination, and harassment, sometimes physical violence, sometimes they are murdered like in Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam,” said Francis Kalifat, president of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France.
When Europeans express fears about the same people responsible for these insults, harassment and violence, they are told their fears are groundless and the result of a pathological demonic hatred called Islamophobia. When Jews express the same fears about the same people, however, politicians fall over themselves to sympathise, pandering to them by offering taxpayer money to pay for security services and setting up military patrols around their schools and synagogues.
Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the European Rabbis Conference, identified two main threats: radical Islam and Islamic terrorism as well as the rise of extreme right in Europe. The majority of the Jewish participants at the conference also criticised calls to boycott products from Israel and said anti-Zionism was the new face of anti-Semitism.
Sure. That's what the whole "antisemitism" carnival is really about, protecting Israel from the righteous indignation of the world. The BDS movement has Jews terrified, and they have made a strategic decision to instrumentalise antisemitism accusations to try and counter it. But the fact that they are willing to abuse the accusation of antisemitism in this way shows how little fear of real antisemitism they have; otherwise they would keep it in reserve for when it was needed rather than devaluing the charge through excessive use.
“We make a great mistake if we think anti-Semitism is a threat only to Jews. It is a threat, first and foremost, to Europe and to the freedoms it took centuries to achieve,” said Lord Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. “No society that has fostered anti-Semitism has ever sustained liberty or human rights or religious freedom. Every society driven by hate begins by seeking to destroy its enemies, but ends by destroying itself."
Standard canary in the coal mine argument, which is really just a disguised demand for Jewish privilege. You need to give us special privileges and protection, not because we're the Chosen Race or anything, but because we're holding chaos at bay.
Some of the participants cited reasons for cautious optimism. “It is painful to hear that many Jews have the feeling that they can’t live any longer, or study, work, pray safely on European soil," said Brussels Chief Rabbi Albert Guigui, adding, “[But] yes, there is a future for Jews in Europe." The Brussels Chief Rabbi added: “Friendships between different religions are increasing and they are strong and solid.”
In other words, in alliance with the brownskins, we're breaking down the European majority. Soon it won't be a majority any more.
French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy agreed: "I don’t think the situation is as dramatic and tragic as some people make it out to be. “In 1930 the Jews were alone," he said, "Today Jews do have allies." Levy added: “I don’t know of any European county or institutions which display institutional anti-Semitism."
Bernard-Henri Levy is a philosopher who read a parody book on Immanuel Kant, full of meaningless philosophical gobbledygook intended as satire, thought it was real and wrote a favourable review of it. He is a joke. He is to philosophy what Bill Clinton is to saxophone playing.
Participants called for more investment in education, law enforcement, cooperation between EU countries on antiterrorism and the creation of a watchdog for anti-Semitism. Benni Fischer, president of the European Union of Jewish Students, and MEP Cecilia Wikström, a Swedish member of the ALDE group, also called for more women and young people to be involved when debating the future of the Jewish communities in Europe. 
Juan Fernando López Aguilar, a Spanish member of the S&D group, saw a clear role for the European Parliament to play: “Members should be determined to engage in every possible way, communicating, education but also by legislating." 
President Schulz added: “If we do not want Europe to destroy itself, then we all need to stand together, politicians and religious leaders. If we win the fight for the hearts of our citizens, if we succeed in pushing back hate, then we still have a chance in saving the soul of Europe."

This fantasy of hundreds of millions of people supposedly consumed by monstrous malevolence is an anti-European hate narrative. In pathologising and denigrating European culture and civilisation, it is the Jewish equivalent of anti-Semitic literature such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or Drumont's La France Juive. But while anti-Semitic literature is now confined to the margins of our society and, in most countries, publishing it would be a criminal offence, the Semitic hate narrative is endorsed and applauded by almost the entire political and media establishment.


  1. Pinchas Goldschmidt interviewed on RT in 2015: ‘[legislation against minarets, burqas, etc] is the reaction of old Europe against this new wave of religious expression. We see ourselves as fighting together with our Muslim brothers who want a free Europe, who want a peaceful Europe, who want to integrate like our forefathers integrated in Western Europe a hundred, two hundred years ago, and they are our natural allies.’

    It’s very satisfying when Jews condemn themselves with their own words.

  2. Francis Kalifat is the best jevvname ever!

  3. Esa gente no tiene credibilidad, ninguna.

    No me representan, sin duda.

    Occidente ha sido secuestrado, y las democracias usurpadas, los pueblos occidentales sufren todo tipo de males endémicos provocadas por manos extranjeras o no occidentales.

    Saludos Diversity.

  4. Robert Faurisson has been convicted of "racial defamation" in France. He was charged over a talk he gave at the holocaust conference in Teheran back in 2006. He wasn't even in France yet he was charged under the holocaust denial law which they have. What legalistic bullshit !

  5. Two facts must be proclaimed, firmly and lucidly, by all Europeans, Westerners, Caucasians: at the root of what has passed for 'judaism' for the past 1,500 years (since the compilation of the Mishna and the Gemarra into the Babylonian Talmud) is the hatred for Jesus Christ, Christianity and His people AND these tenets: that the 'truth' is always subject to what may be considered dangerous or harmful to the 'community' regardless of its veracity and must not be stated if, in doing so, it would have negative results on the 'community' (lashan hora); that 'tikkun olam' is essential to judaic identity ('repairing' or 'fixing' the world involves the world's transformation to be judaic, a condition in which that community will be in the position of ascendancy and domination for its primary advantage over all others) and that 'morality' as the Christian world and civilisation has known it (and benefited the rest of humanity with it for over 2,000 years) is being denigrated and will be entirely repudiated if judaic ideology is not exposed and openly discussed. As to hate laws and destruction of freedoms of speech, movement, protest, right to bear arms, etc., let us first deal with overturning and removing the unjust legislation which imprisons people for seeking to openly discussing a period of history. (One of the ways to do this is to actually begin by talking of the Jewish Bolshevik leadership role in the attempted destruction of Russia and attempted genocide of Christian peoples therein, in Ukraine, the gulags --- concentration camps --- and their cultural identity as Christians through slaughter of their priests, destruction of their churches (one of the core points in the UN's definition of 'genocide' of a people). This Jewish Bolshevik holocaust (holodomor et al) is largely unknown amongst Western peoples and one to one enlightenment is the best way forward.

  6. Let us not forget the principal tool of achieving their goal: the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan which is not a 'conspiracy' but, rather, a clearly stated project in C-k's book from the 1920s, Practical Idealism, in which, through miscegenation and 'emigration' into Europe, a new 'African-Eurasian' race would be formed as the Caucasian race disappears through these deliberate policies (as we are experiencing now in Europe and the US, Canada, Australia through constructed 'immigration crises' from wars waged by NATO, US, EU under influence largely from Jewish ministers, PMs, heads of state and the hugely influential Jewish lobby groups in the US) and, over which will reign and rule the Jews because of, according to C-K, their 'moral' superiority (the fact that he was given funds of $60,000 at the time by Jewish leaders in the US was no coincidence) and this C-K plan is largely unknown by the general public but openly supported, under the guise of helping to promulate 'peace' {enslavement and submission} by Western leaders. Western leaders like Merkel have been gifted with the C-K Award in recognition of all she and others have done to make this nightmare and destruction of Western civilisation a reality. (The CounterJewhad does mention the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan every so often, but never mentioning the bit about eventual Jewish leadership of the world and, even if it did, it would never disclose some of the most devastating aspects of Jewish supremacism/ideology. The CounterJewhad simply uses it to impugn Western 'leaders' and to categorise the half-Austrian, half-Japanese Coudenhove-Kalergi as a 'western' man instead of the very 'mongrel' he himself envisaged as the future 'european.'