Monday, 3 October 2016

Passerby's thesis (link) that women are playing a critical role in facilitating the destruction of our civilisation through their support for invasion by non-Europeans seems to be confirmed by the Trump voting data.

The modest lead Clinton has held in national and state polls can be attributed to her outsized advantage among white women with college degrees. Four years ago, Romney carried this demographic over President Obama, 52 percent to 46 percent, according to exit polls. Yet Trump is losing it badly — 32 percent to Clinton’s 57 percent in a late September Washington Post-ABC News poll of likely voters.

Among white women without college degrees, however, Trump leads Clinton 52 percent to 40 percent. The two candidates are virtually tied among white women overall: 46 percent for Clinton and 44 percent for Trump, according to the Post-ABC survey.

For Clinton, who would make history as the nation’s first female president, winning a larger share of white women voters than Obama did could help her offset any relative erosion in support from young voters, for instance. It also could balance any rise in turnout among white men for Trump, a group with which he enjoys an over 2-to-1 lead.
Reading this which whole article, which discusses the voting patterns of various demographic groups and how the campaigns are targeting them, it struck me how paradoxical it is that the political establishment has settled on an agreed public fiction - that people are all the same - while the actual practice of their political campaigning is founded on a recognition that people are not all the same. Politicians and political analysts who in every other contest insist that ethnicity doesn't matter will, when analysing political outcomes, happily talk about "the black vote", "the Latino vote", etc.


  1. Thanks. You can also make an article about this. Absolutely sad and outrages at the same time.

    Feminists attack Italy’s Efforts to Raise Birthrate

    The country is dying due to very low birth rates (1.3), and even then feminists do not want to raise women's birth rates.

  2. "Feminism" has almost nothing whatsoever to do with supposedly raising the economic/legal position of women in Western societies: it is a political tool meant to denigrate the male sex AND the female sex. The principal manner is in exalting sex, rather than love, care, family, children, home, country (way leads on to way, as the poet said). Thus, both men and women are relegated to unthinking animals and other natural instincts of protectiveness towards the most natural outcome of sex, the child, is overturned: if one is to enjoy sex without thought of consequence, then murder of babies in the womb becomes a necessity, and this is further extolled as a way of freeing females from the supposed tyranny of men, 'patriarchal' society, moral rules, and future planning of the woman and society at large. Feminists support Islamic female genital mutilation and circumcision (Jewish and Islamic) because such barbarisms actually help to destroy natural sexual sensations, making it easier to segregate the sexes and create an unnatural, unhealthy view of sex and a self-destructive hostility towards the opposite sex. Feminism also is not opposed to paedophilia because such perversion helps to create loathing towards the opposite sex. Same-sex pervert 'marriage' is always supported by feminism because it assists in removing male genes from reproduction and also is used to adopt children (usually taken from normal families by force, as in Britain, the Telegraph did an expose on this) or, by creating babies from "three parents" it further disrupts genetics. Feminism is a dangerous enemy of Western peoples.

  3. The problem is that Trump is just a con artist, with ZERO conservative history, core beliefs, or values. He would say he's a full-blown Stalinist -or anything, really- if he thought it would get him elected. His history is one of telling simple-minded people what they want to hear- then taking what he wants from them, including their pride. I'm as anti-Islam as they get... but Trump is too flawed a vehicle.